Fixing Up The Workshop at Phantastic Phinds

As most of you know, we have taken over the space next to the store for Chalk Paint® and DIY workshops, we are calling it The Phantastic Phinds Workshop (so original, right?). The space needed a little updating, and we wanted to share our progress with you. 

This is the space with the purple awning, directly next to the store, on the corner where the parking lot is. 

This is what the space looked like when we acquired it, minus the rug in the middle - that ones ours. It was a scrapbooking store.

You can see my Chalk Paint™ sample pots lining up for inventory. 

The landlord left the buffet for us to sell but I decided to buy it from her and give it a Chalk Paint® makeover. You can see the transformation here.

I really didn't like the carpet and was hoping I would find gorgeous hardwoods circa 1900 underneath, but no - I found old black & white linoleum circa 1950 covered in carpet glue. NOT what I was hoping for! 

 Plan B: Out came the carpet! We had Sherwin Williams install a beautiful linoleum faux hardwood floor. Yup, I said Sherwin Williams - did you know they do floors?

I looooove the way this came out. It is durable and pretty!   

Next came a fresh coat of paint. I went with my FAVORITE wall color from Sherwin Williams in Flourtown, its called Moody Blue. It is soft but makes a statement and really changes with the light - sort of moody, don't you think?  (It was the color of my old dining room, it's an all time favorite).

We had the pendant chandelier installed too, the painted buffet is going to go back under the window when I am done. 


We added the furniture back in and our now debunk sandwich board sign for the store.

We also added a triple industrial work sink for washing brushes and cleaning supplies

My beloved vintage tool chest made its way down from CT, FINALLY! To see how I acquired this piece, read the story here

 The Chalk Paint® and all my supplies made their way in also. We are ready to go! I cannot tell you how I am loving this space. Having everything I need at my fingertips is awesome!

Last but not least, our coffee bar! What workshop of mine would be complete without a coffee station??? Mmmmmm! 

This is the whole thing completed; packed full of good Phinds and soon good friends and good times - we cannot wait for our first Chalk Paint® class.  We still have a few spots open if you want to sign up!

Don't mind my table by the way, I have not finished it but since it is going to be covered most of the time this is one project that can wait! Redo blog to follow, stay tuned.

Hope to see you at one of our Workshops. Visit to see all of the available classes and stay tuned for more to come. 

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