How To Use Chalk Paint® Annie Sloan: Arles & Paris Grey Rustic Cabinet Redo

Hi, Angela here with a Chalk Paint® revamp, or refresher I should say. I have mentioned this cabinet in past blog posts and almost always say "I'm planning on painting it" - so I finally did. 

I wanted to keep the cabinet gray and rustic and pretty much just how it looks now but it needed a few areas of "patch-ups" so it called for a repaint.

The random red spay paint on this piece had always bothered me. It is one of those things that no one notices but me, but it drove me nuts. It looks like over-spray from another project that was worked on a little too close to this cabinet. Makes you wonder what life this piece had before it came home with me. Maybe it stored tools in someone's garage.

The top was unfinished which was another factor contributing to me wanted to repaint the whole thing. This piece started its life as a top cabinet in someones kitchen and most likely the top piece was flush with the ceiling and therefore never got painted. That is about to change.

The major reason I wanted to douse this puppy in Chalk Paint® was its age and chipping paint. My little one loves to play with the latches on this piece and the thought that he may ingest lead paint horrifies me. One of the best ways to protect against lead paint it to cover it with a fresh coat.

I have also been wanting to paint the inside of the cabinet.  The wood was old and dry and it needed to be sealed since I store food in there. I enlisted my little helper to help me clear the pantry cabinet, he loves those latches!

Killing two birds with one stone, the pantry needed to be cleaned out anyway.

I decided to do Paris Grey on the exterior and Arles on the interior. Yellow and gray are one of my favorite color combos - I actually did Wills nursery in yellow and gray. 


The cabinet was so dry that it sucked up a lot of paint on the inside. Lucky for me Chalk Paint® goes a long way. I used a little over half the quart for two coats of the interior; the shelf bottoms, tops, backs, sides and cabinet doors. Pretty impressive. (Fun Fact: Chalk Paint® goes 150 sqft compared to 100sqft of a standard quart of Latex).

While that was drying I moved on to the exterior. Two coats of Paris Grey all over using my favorite medium Annie Sloan brush. 


Ok, paint is dry. Time to wax. 

Wax on, wax off. I covered the piece with one coat of clear wax.

You can see below how the wax really enriches the color, especially light colors like Paris Grey. The right side has one coat of clear and the left has none. How rich it looks! But we are not done yet. 


 (left is just paint, right is paint with clear wax)


To achieve the rustic look that the cabinet previously had I knew I wanted to use Dark Wax but I wasn't sure if I wanted to do a glaze, a mix of clear and dark, or just dark. 

Instead of doing trials on my piece, I grabbed a couple sample boards and did a couple different techniques to see what I liked best. I recommend doing this for larger pieces so you don't waste time and supplies if you change your mind once you see the finished product.

I ended up doing a dark wax glaze over the whole piece. It really was the perfect amount of age to achieve the look the piece had before AND keep it looking fresh, not dirty, like it did before. (We will be teaching the glaze technique in our 101 4 hour class). 

My helper is back!  It looks like he thinks this should be a toy cabinet instead of a pantry.

I really LOVE the color combo here. I waxed the interior too. I may go back and do a second coat of wax on the shelf bottoms because it is going to see a lot of action with cans and boxed going in and out. 

I know you are thinking, "it looks the same!" And that IS what I was going for but now it looks SO much cleaner and is safe for my little Bo. Here are some before and afters to prove I am not crazy. 

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed. 

~Angela for Phantastic Phinds 

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  1. Very beautiful! I also love that pantry and is exactly the size I am looking you have to know the approximate dimensions by any chance?

  2. Just discovered your site and have enjoyed clicking away to check you out! Have a question. I really like Annie Sloan Chalk Paint but have recently painted 3 different pine pieces with different histories- one approximately early 30's, one about mid 40's and one mid 60's and all in great shape. Each have tannin bleed though even though all were previously painted at some point. The tannins came through at different points: one while I was sanding the third coat, another after I primed it and the third a few days after I moved it from the house to the garage. Same can of paint in Old White. My plan is to shellac and repaint. Have you had tannin issues?


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