The Annie Sloan Work Book Is Here!

Annie Sloan's new book is here:
‘For your color & paint ideas & inspiration’

The new Work Book is an Interactive notebook for home décor enthusiasts also featuring accompanying Pinterest boards, Annie’s hand-drawn illustrations, personal tips, ruled and plain note pages, expandable inner pockets, elasticated tie-closure

(New Orleans, LA, October 31st, 2012) Home décor enthusiasts in the USA and Canada have been learning for years from Annie Sloan’s expertise, thanks to her books on decorative painting techniques. Since Annie Sloan Unfolded ( introduced Chalk Paint™ decorative paint to North America in 2010 (now made in the USA), Annie’s admirers have also been experimenting with Chalk Paint, attending workshops, and transforming furniture, floors, cabinets and more. Just in time for the holidays, Annie Sloan is inspiring home décor aficionados even further by introducing ‘The Annie Sloan Work Book’, designed by Annie ‘for your color & paint ideas & inspiration.’ The Work Book will be accompanied by 8 Pinterest boards that correspond to some of the book’s themes and will be frequently updated by Annie herself, to ‘continue to inspire and enable your ideas’, explains Annie.

The 112-page full color Work Book, published by Oxfordfolio, will be available from November 30th exclusively through the 300+ US and Canadian stockists of Chalk Paint™. Priced at $24.95 (Canadian: $30.95). The introduction is a hand-written note from Annie with an invitation to ‘Go ahead and paint in the book’ and experiment with colors, ideas, sketching, collecting fabric samples, magazine cuttings, and more. Annie’s line drawings (and two portraits of ‘the artist at work’) delightfully illustrate her top tips and suggested projects throughout. With its ‘blank canvas’ pages, hand drawn lines encouraging notes and doodles, and several handy pockets, the Work Book provides inspiration and lots of information, as well as the ideal medium to keep design ideas in one place. It’s a perfect accompaniment for people learning new techniques at Chalk Paint workshops run by their local stockists throughout the USA and Canada, providing reminders of what they’ve learned and how they can put their new knowledge to creative use. It’s the dream solution for home décor fans everywhere and is sure to become a prized possession.

The wire-bound Work Book opens flat and also features an expandable band to hold everything securely in place once it’s filled with reference materials. The cover is designed to look like it’s been liberally painted with Aubusson Blue Chalk Paint. 

In her introduction, Annie explains, “When I first went to Art School I was encouraged to keep a sketchbook. This was not just for sketching but also highly useful as a way of developing a visual voice and language. I used my sketchbooks to collect colours, pieces ripped from magazines and pattern making. I still do. Use this Work Book in the same way – as your ‘aide memoire’. Plan the colour palette of a room, work out a piece of furniture, or simply use the book to experiment and develop your own particular style and colour palette by collecting what appeals to you. Draw little sketches, use the pockets to collect ribbons, fabric pieces and cuttings from magazines. Experiment with colour combinations and making your own mixes. ‘Go ahead and paint in the book.’ Don’t worry about not being able to draw – just use stick men! Remember, if you do something you don’t like you can always cover it with a magazine cutting you fancy! Keep it handy in your day bag, or by your work desk or bedside. You can never tell when a creative idea will suddenly jump out!...Love Annie Sloan.”
About Chalk Paint decorative paint and Annie Sloan

Chalk Paint can be applied directly to surfaces without sanding or priming – making it quick and easy to transform worn or outdated furniture into something to cherish. Chalk Paint will adhere to wood, plastic, stone, brick, concrete and metal. It provides excellent coverage – a little goes a long way. It can be easily thinned or thickened, lightened or mixed with other Chalk Paint colors, without compromising the pigment. The water-based decorative paint comes in 30 colors, many with historical references. It is extremely low VOC, and very quick drying to a velvety, matte finish, making it easy to complete a project in one day. Its unique properties make it extremely popular for furniture makeovers, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, floors, stairs, and walls, and it can also be used on front doors, refrigerators, driveways, garden furniture, terracotta pots, and exteriors.

Annie Sloan is one of the world's most respected experts in the field of decorative painting and a key figure in the painted furniture revolution, through her lively and creative approach to painting and 40 years of painting experience. She is the author of 23 books on painting techniques (three million sales worldwide), including ‘Creating the French Look’ (CICO Books) and ‘Quick and Easy Paint Transformations’. Annie Sloan revolutionized the world of painted furniture when she introduced her specially formulated Chalk Paint at her store in Oxford, England. Chalk Paint™ is a trademark of Annie Sloan Interiors, Ltd. One of the most talked about paint products in the home décor blogosphere worldwide, it was only available via the UK until two years ago. Now it can be purchased in the USA and Canada from nearly 300 home décor stores and painting studios, as well as in 12 European countries. The US manufactured paint is identical to the British formula, and is made under Annie Sloan’s personal direction in conjunction with US distributor, Annie Sloan Unfolded. (
About Annie Sloan Unfolded (the US distributor)

Lisa Rickert was searching for the perfect European furniture and décor to complement her New Orleans home when she discovered Annie Sloan and her wonderful Chalk Paint. Lisa ordered paint from the UK and was so impressed with the results that she went on to use it throughout her home. Bitten by the bug, she quit her job in supply chain operations for major utilities and oil companies, to turn her MBA-level business experience to creative use. Lisa has overseen the manufacture of Chalk Paint in the USA, and is now managing its distribution, marketing, and sales. Lisa says, “Annie Sloan and her amazing products have allowed me to turn my innate creativity into something much more. I am truly passionate about her products and I can honestly say that I now love my work!”

The Annie Sloan line now comprises:
Chalk Paint: 30 paint colors – easily mixed or lightened to expand the palette
Soft Wax: available in clear and dark (antique)
Craqueleur: a crackle varnish that creates a surface crackle similar to an old oil painting – it doesn’t crackle the paint beneath
Specialty paint brushes: available in small, medium, and large
Fabrics: toiles, tickings and patterns – launch November 2012 in North America

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