Meghan's Pick Of the Week: Desk Envy

Meghan's Pick of the Week:

Desk Envy

Over on my blog, Meg's Ragged Edge, I've been talking about my "secret project" for a few months now. This secret project has involved a lot of time on the computer, which can be uncomfortable when you only have a coffee table and a laptop! So I've been dreaming of a little desk that I can shove in a corner somewhere and make into my designated laptop table. Every time a table or small desk comes into the shop, I turn green with envy! So I'm going to point out a few of my favorites in the shop for you!

Ultimately this is what I'm going for. So here is the inspiration:
And now for my favorite pieces in the shop:

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Enamel top tables are my favorite because they are compact and make great desks but they also have hard tops so they are good for cutting fabric, too. I still haven't gotten a good sewing table and I'm already looking at desks for my computer! I'm such a mess!

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I think this desk is absolutely darling and would be great painted a fun shade of Chalk Paint™. Of course, we've all gone paint crazy in the shop, but this would be so cute! It would probably be better for a vanity than a desk, but if you have a small laptop or device this might be a good space-saver for you.

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This is one of my absolute favorite pieces in the shop right now and it is a STEAL at $65.00!  It's in solid shape, it's got an adorable kidney shape to it and it's got cute drawers. I would either sand more of the finish off and make it look super rustic or I'd paint it a bright turquoise or lavender color. Every time I walk past it, I get new ideas of what it could be or where I could use it.

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This is my absolute second favorite piece in the shop right now, and I'm pretty sure I've written about it before. It's only $124.00, and it comes with the table and the chair. Inside the table is a Sears sewing machine and I've often wondered if I could replace it with my modern machine. Anyone know? Because that would be awesome- I could put my sewing machine away when I wasn't using it and use the table for my laptop! Inside the chair are bags and bags of vintage notions and patterns and buttons. Thanks to watching too much Nick @ Nite when I was a child, I'm obsessed with the 50's and 60's. I loved the Monkees and Bewitched and the Munsters- they were my favorite! So any time we get a mod looking piece in I swoon. I love this chair, it's so retro chic! Again, I'd probably update the color, but it's cute as is, too.

So those are my favorite desks and tables in the shop. Comfort and height are of huge importance to me because in addition to blogging for Phantastic Phinds , Meg's Ragged Edge and going to college online, I also have this secret project that requires a super huge amount of time at the computer. The desks above are desks I could imagine typing at for hours without any problems.

If they aren't quite what you're looking for, though, I've picked out a few other excellent ones below.

1. Drop Leaf Table ,  2. Medical Table , 3. Tall Vintage School Desk
The ones above are perfect laptop sized tables. They are small, compact and save space. The drop leaf table comes on wheels and would be a great piece to paint. The leather top medical table is very unique and solid for a casual use desk and the tall vintage school desk is really unique- it's actually tall enough for an adult to use as a desk!

1, Lingerie Chest , 2. 8 Drawer Desk , 3. Vintage Pine Ethan Allen Desk , 4. Singer Sewing Table
I know what you're thinking- why is a lingerie chest on here with all the desks?! Well, it's because the narrow small drawers would be great for the paperwork and notebooks I'm amassing with this project! (Or scarf storage- I do have a scarf addiction.) The 8 drawer desk is a little plain but it has so many possibilities. The Ethan Allen vintage pine desk is just... amazing! It is large, though, so someone would need more room than I have in order to have this beautiful desk. And the cast iron sewing machine table would be another great option for those of us with laptops as opposed to typical computers.

These are the things I'm thinking about in the shop right now. How do you guys store your computers and laptops? We'd love to hear some ideas!

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