How to Add Height to an Old Table

We have a great farm table in our kitchen HOWEVER as most old tables go, it is short. Since we are all tall around here we usually end up with bruised knees when dining in. I have been meaning for the longest time to add casters to it to give it a little height. This is a GREAT tip for any old table that needs a few more inches. 
I ordered four "aged" casters from Van Dykes Restorer's, my favorite place to get good repro knobs, pulls and tons of other stuff. Check 'em out if you need to match an existing piece. They have dozens of caster styles to choose from, I went with a bronzed threaded version for this table.

So when my hubby came home from work, this is how he found our kitchen table. Upside down in the middle of the room. If I had found his drill earlier I would have attempted to do it myself but lucky for him (and me) I did not.

He pre-drilled the center of each leg and then threaded the caster in. The wood was so hard that it started to smoke and smelled like a campfire, but he finally got it in. 

Each caster had three screws to help keep it in place. Since they were slotted heads, he pre-drilled the holes and hand screwed them in place.

We flipped 'er back over and VIOLA 2.25 more inches of leg room! 


~Angela for Phantastic Phinds

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  1. lol my husband has come home to much worse! I love how the dog has to be in on the action!

    1. Hi Phyllis, yes the dog has to be in on everything that goes on at our house. Too funny! Thanks for the comment. ~Angela

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