The Elephant's Trunk Country Flea Market

The fam and I headed to CT this past weekend to visit the in-laws. I mean, could we have picked a more perfect weekend to travel to the New England countryside?  AND to top it all off, I got to go to one of my favorite spots ever, the Elephant's Trunk. YEAH YEAH YEAH!

The market opens at 5am, that's right I said F-I-V-E A-M! The hubs and I were able to leave our little man with the grandparents and head down around 9am, so even though it was only NINE AM we were late, can you believe it? 

 Look at that crowd, these people know a good market when they find one. It has everything!

I think the hubs was even a little more excited than me, check out his stride! He won't admit it but he LOVES when I drag him to places like this. He actually used to work the water ice stand at the Elephant's Trunk when we was in high school. Last time we were here, the owner spotted him out of the crowd carrying an upside down desk chair on his head for me. Too funny.

It POURED so hard the night before and all I brought were flip flops soooo we made a pit stop at the local Walmart and I picked up these beauts. $20! Can you beat that for last minute galoshes? Too bad this was the ONLY puddle I saw all day... ha.

A gorgeous line up of colorful bottles. I was trying to be stealth with my camera phone (yup, just said camera phone) because I figured most vendors wouldn't want their wears shot but they were so pretty I could not resist. Most pictures ended up with my finger in them so I have limited shots of the vendors and my purchases but BELIEVE me if you are ever in the area, this place is worth it. It is a Flea Market, not Antique market, so there are some random vendors selling things like lotion and cell phones but overall the vintage and antique wears win out. 

I was in the market for a chest to store all my tools in at the new "workshop" space attached to the store. This little guy was cute but too pricey at $145 and the drawers and cabinet didn't even work that well. On to the next... 

Checking out some interesting Asian antique embellishments. Love the mounted grinding stones, they remind me of something I saw on our honeymoon in Riviera Maya at one of the Mayan temples. So simple but such history.

 An interesting array of serving trays.

Hold the boat! What is this beauty??? Did I mention that I was in the market for something JUST LIKE THIS??? I checked all the drawers, the wheels, the shelf, looked for rust and pitting, nada! I want it! I want it! I want it! (that is what I was screaming in my head). What I said to the dealer is, what can you do on this? He budged, but only $25. Hmmmmm, I am a sucker for a deal and I love to haggle when haggling is warranted. We decided to finish walking the market and mull it over but my brain was still screaming I WANT IT! I WANT IT! I WANT IT!

All the vendors pull their vehicles right up to their spaces. There are rows and rows and rows of vendors. We only had two hours to get through the whole thing so we could be home in time to give the little man lunch, pack the car and leave in time for his second nap. 

I picked up this little wooden tool tray to hold paint supplies at the store for all the great Chalk Paint™accessories we are going to be carrying. 

 I picked up four reproduction Asian salt molds to use for holding paint brushes, etc at the store. The hubs thoughtfully carried them for me but asked that his head be cropped out of the photo, so cropped it was. Mr. Anonymous. 

Oink Oink. Adorable metal pig grouping. Anyone a collector?

A beautiful line up of vintage tin trunks, I love the colors and styles of these puppies. Maybe a new collection? Maybe not considering we have no arms left to carry them.

Look at the beautiful green hills in the background. It could not have been a more beautiful day. My husbands high school mascot was The Green Wave, and you can see why in this shot. 

We decided to make a pit stop at the car and unload our arms so we could keep shopping.  I ended up getting three antique Asian fishing balls but of course did not take a photo. I have been wanting an Asian fishing ball for years. I just love blown glass, especially hand blown antique.  A very close family friend has a little one and I have always coveted it. The ones I picked up at the market have a huge pontil break off and still have the netting. They are a blue green color and OH SO Perfect. I will post a photo once I get them situated in our house.

And then it was back to my perfect tool chest. I talked the dealer down a bit more by showing him that I already had a cart ready and could take it right now. Like I said we got there at 9am and by now it was 11am and that's almost the end of the day for these guys. He really did not want to have to pack it back up and I couldn't blame him, that thing was heavy! 

The key to buying at places like this is, when you see something you want price it right away in your head.  What would you pay for it? Then ask the dealer what he/she wants. If you are close, you can probably find a fair middle ground. If you are way to low, walk away, unless it is an "I will die without this" kind of moment, then you MUST reconsider. If you are too low - well get your wallet out quick before someone else does!  ALWAYS be fair and courteous. It may not look like it but these events are a lot of work for the sellers. Respect their effort to get all this fabulous stuff back in circulation, even if their prices are nutso.

We made our deal and shook on it (literally). It put a big smile on the dealers face, and mine too! The hubs and he loaded it up beside my 10 Army-green bins (going to use them for paint brushes and possibly wholesale knobs for the store). And away we went...

As we were walking people kept telling us what a great piece it was. I mean, I already knew that! It is funny how SOLD things always get more attention then when they were up for grabs. I guess people are more interested when they know someone else wants it. Its like eBay, if someone outbids you you immediately want to outbid them back even if its more than you originally wanted to spend. 

I kept saying to my hubs, "I love my chest and I love my Asian balls" and he kept telling me that maybe I should rephrase that. Hmmmm,  I did notice a few people looking up at me when I said that. I think he was right but I was so excited, I couldn't control myself.

Then we were off, back to the hubs parents house to unload and reload to head back to PA.  Did I mention my in-laws live up on the hillside next to a beautiful country farm? The farm has cows, sheep, pigs and beautiful red barns and an awesome farm house. Just over the stone fence and cow pasture is a stream too. Can you say heaven? It is gorgeous there. Especially on a beautiful fall day like this one.

My little man liked it to. I guess they are both going incognito in this shot while Moooo-ing to the cows.

We had to leave my beloved chest and Asian balls in CT so we could fit our child and dog and stuff in the car. Oh yeah, we have to fit all this stuff - forgot about that. We will pick them up in November and I cannot wait to get my hands on that chest.  

We had a great day at The Elephant's Trunk and hope to be back again soon before they close up for the winter. I had my eye out for yellow pottery but only saw one piece that was overpriced and not exactly a fit for my collection. Until next time.

~Angela for Phantastic Phinds

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  1. Loved this post!! That is my idea of fun! Unfortunately I don't think my husband would be as good of a sport as your husband. He would come along but there would be lots of eye rolling and cell phone checking! lol So glad you found the storage piece. I love industrial!

    1. Hi Phyllis. Thanks! It was a fun day. PP should get a road trip together for ladies (and gents) who want to shop great markets like this one. Yes, I am blessed with a husband who loves events like this (you should see him at a furniture auction!) but he does roll his eyes at all of my "projects" piling up in our garage so I guess it evens out (: Thanks for the comment. ~Angela

  2. Customer Email: "Great post, Angela!! Loved hearing all about the CT flea market and your bright red tool chest. My hubs has one just like it in our garage.........I'll tell him how special it really is! Hugs to your two men......big and little! JH"

  3. Customer Email: "Just read your cute! I wanna go there! Somehow, everything in New England seems much cooler than in PA! My husbands uncle lives in NW mass, and I schedule my "tag sales" on every trip! So fun."

  4. Customer Email: "Wow, Ang...great post! Love what you got. Looks like the market I went to in Mass. So much fun and a little overwhelming."


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