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Lately I've been noticing a fun trend in decorating, especially with it being Fall now, and it's inspired by old apothecaries and museum items. It's almost like an antique curiosity style and I find it so beautiful!

One of the key elements to this apothecary is glass cloches, which protect and display your curious trinkets. They are kind of hard to find, though, and they are also a little on the expensive side. So, when I saw the picture below, I was so inspired that I had to share it with you!

I love the display of vintage pictures and small frames, but can you tell what the cloches are in this pic? They are clear wine glasses and vases turned upside down! How clever is that? I never would have noticed! (And the fish bowl in the back- I wouldn't have noticed that either.) So I scoured our shop and I came up with a few smalls for you to use to make your own apothecary.

There are a few key elements to the apothecary decorative style. Colors should be muted and kind of natural, and things should certainly show age and wear. Old glass bottles, tarnished metals and old books make great accent pieces to your treasures!

I wanted to display this cute little bird sculpture, rusty oil can and vintage glasses so I surrounded them by bottles and a wine glass. 

We got this antique Victorian dressing table in the shop and it would be a great piece for an apothecary or museum-themed display. Remember, keeping things with a rustic, antique, well-worn vibe is key to this style. The lower middle part adds depth and height to the display factor. (Of course, you could just use it for a fancy dressing table! It's so amazing!)

I stacked this awesome blue accented tin box on top of blue books and added the blue cloche jar as an accent. To illustrate the kinds of things you can put inside of the cloches, I stuck a little tin type picture inside. Can you see her?

This wooden tray has a great vintage feel and is a neutral tone, so it would go with so many colors. Little silver plated cups make great earring, ring or coin catchers which makes them practical and beautiful, but you can also use some moss and make floral arrangements with them! Bringing a hint of nature into the mix is a key in this look.

 After doing my little set-ups above with the smalls, I decided to take a quick walk around the shop and snap some pictures of stuff that had that apothecary look. Vintage prints and ads like this Fairy Soap one are perfect and the mason jar soap dispenser is charming for a bathroom!

Like I said, tarnished silver plated stuff and bottles are great for achieving this apothecary style. Trays also reflect some light and add texture to a display.

Think about a little bit industrial, too. This look is inspired by the early 1900's, so trunks and rustic book cases really add to the charm. I love this dark side table and the two little faux-bronze lamps. They would be perfect little night lights or hallway lights!

This is a close up of the dark wood side table and the awesome green trunk!

Jenna and I both love the top of this rustic folding table! It's so cute- we both love the same tables in the shop. I really like this black lotus shaped candle holder. It's supposed to have a frog inside but it didn't come with one. We still took it because of how adorable it is! And of course, more glass jars with lids. 

I hope you've enjoyed this Phantastic Phinds Round-Up! To continue inspiring you in your apothecary quests, check out these Pinterest inspiration pictures! 

LOVE the use of moss and mushrooms in this piece.

Great way to display your smaller trinkets and treasures!

These types of jars are great for soaps, bath salts and bath bombs! Try this look out and add on a mason jar soap dispenser.

This doesn't really have to do with the apothecary look but it does fit in with antique decor and I thought it was so beautiful I wanted to share it with you! I love this look. I would love to try it out (curses, rental properties!! Always thwarting my plans!).

Do you have any good DIY wedding tips? Let us know! We always love your comments. Until next time!

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