Pick Of The Week: Meet Jenna

Hello!  My name is Jenna, and I am the newest member of the Phantastic Phinds crew!  I’ve been asked (weeks ago) to come up with my favorite picks from the store…hhhmm, why did it take me this long??  Because, I just simply CAN’T decide!

So I thought I would share my “short list”, as I call it.  But first, an explanation...I live in an old farmhouse and I gravitate to the old and rustic.  I find beauty in rusty, tarnished, splinted and worn!  I know that sounds yuk, but I know we have customers who share the love, since, some of my favorites were gobbled up before I could say, “yes, please”! 

So on to my current short list of loves at Phantastic Phinds:
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1) Cast Iron Ceiling Lamp- This is such a cute lamp…I just haven’t found the exact spot for it, but I might just have to design a space around this hardy gem!  Hhhmmmm!
Link to Item on Our Website 
2) Vintage Mail Slot—Maybe a gift for my husband…maybe he would use it to organize his desk?? Maybe?!
Link to Item On Our Website 
3)— How great is this?    What’s the saying…”one man’s trash, another woman’s treasures?!  LOVE! We have a few of this type around the store. So versatile, so cool!  I have a huge ottoman that replaced my coffee table when my boys were toddlers, and this would do the trick for serving appetizers during games.
4) Rustic Wall Shelf- This one I actually purchased!  Like I said, the more rustic, the better!  This one, AS IS,  is going to be the home of my new (not yet completed) milk glass collection that I'm building thanks to Phantastic Phinds.  So in love with the contrast of the stark white milk glass with rustic wood. 

Hey, if you love these too…I don’t mind sharing!  If rustic is not your thing, we showcase shiny, smooth, beautiful and elegant as well here at Phantastic Phinds! Visit us and come up with your own short list!  Everyone has one!  

~Jenna for Phantastic Phinds

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