Pick of The Week: Get Your Chalk Paint® On by Liz

My pick of the week is this sweet Mahogany Server-There are actually 2 identical servers currently in the store and a 3rd one with different pulls. Of course this piece is beautiful as is with it's carved detail on the corners reminiscent of Corinthian columns and it's gorgeous brass pulls. It has a hidden pull out shelf that could be use as a computer desk, vanity or a great working and storage table for a crafter or beader. The top drawer is divided into 4 sections.

As many of you know Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan is the buzz going around town and Phantastic Phinds just became a Stockist.  I'm just going to show you a few pieces that I found  on the internet to get your creative brain waves flowing!

Link to This Piece On Phantastic Phind's Site
This is a similar style server done in the Graphite Chalk Paint®.  The accent is pure white but you could also use another color. You can see the paint is not a solid color.  The under color is allowed to show through and gives this a softer less formal feel. I'd love to see Antibes Green, Provence or Versailles painted under Graphite.  

This hutch is not from our store but we have had some similar pieces.  I pulled the image from Pinterest using Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan. This piece repurposed reminds me of the black and white enamel hoosiers we have had come through the store. For this look use Louis Blue Chalk Paint® inside, and Old White Chalk Paint® on the outside. I love the updated version.  Think about the color of your plates and chotchkies too.  Lighter or white pottery looks beautiful when set against a darker or more contrasting background. 

Pretty in Pink!  I love this pop of color with the rustic kitchen table.  Pull up a chair and lets have a nice slice of fresh baked apple pie with a scoop of melting vanilla ice cream! We do have this set of 4 unpainted wooden chairs currently available for $80.00

This cute little side table was done in Emile Chalk Paint®

 How cute is this! This piece was done in Napoleonic Blue with flower stencils. 

I love that Shizzle Design combined the natural wood with the Chalk Paint® to create this sophisticated repurposed desk. I'm guessing this is Old White and Paloma.

There are endless color combinations and an abundance of examples on the internet.  When starting out keep it simple. It helps to limit your color palette. Pick a color you love or that works with your colors in your home.  These colors were inspired by European cities so they are not overly bright. These colors look much brighter in the jar but dry darker and with a velvety matte finish. Find an example online or in one of Annie Sloan's books and use this as your guide.  We always suggest painting on the underside or back of your piece to get a feel for the paint. It's really about experimenting and having fun.

Make sure to photograph your piece before and after so we can add these to our website.

Happy painting and experimentation!

~ Liz for Phantastic Phinds

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