Round Up: Inspired by Flower Frogs

 Hello, it's Meghan! This week I'm rounding up some alternative uses for flower frogs. We often have them in the shop and they are so versatile that I wanted to share them with you.

When I first started working for Phantastic Phinds, I didn't even know these things were called frogs! I thought it was so funny the first time I saw it on a price tag because they don't look like frogs at all. I checked several websites and apparently no one knows why they are called frogs, although I did find some in an actual amphibious shape.

We have quite a few in the shop right now. I picked out my favorites below. Even though they are plain glass, some of them have a phantastic weight and would be marvelous for holding my paint brushes or colored pencils.

 That one in the milk glass container (they are priced together) is just so adorable! Glass frogs are awesome for holding flowers, of course, but they also work for brushes and pens! And because they are so small, they really fit at the bottom of most containers, which will give your container more stability.

 I started with this little glass frog, this metal lotus shaped bowl, and this semi-silver toned pot.

 You could, of course, just plate the frog inside the metal bowl and it is perfectly adorable, but I also wanted to show you putting the metal bowl on top of the glass pot. It would be really neat with some contrasting fabric or marbles inside the pot to add color!

 Another little dish I found that worked well with the glass frogs was this orange carnival glass piece.

We didn't have any fake flowers in the shop, so you'll have to make do with ink pens. This would be great for brushes, too, if you're an artist! Make your work space, studio space or home office pretty because it's the little things that can really get you through the day.

If the pictures I took for you above weren't enough inspiration, a quick google search provided plenty of uses for glass flower frogs! I love the one with the colorful scissors, and the make-up brush holder is just brilliant.

And remember, if you like what you see or have any questions or comments, we love to receive comments on our blog! Until next time!

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  1. What wonderful ideas Meghan, love the shop!


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