Pick of The Week: Meg's Magical Smalls

Hello Everyone! It's Meghan again! How long has it been since we've done a staff pick? Forever, right? I don't know if you remember, but we're doing a little series on our favorite "phinds". If you need a refresher, check out Liz's post and Angela's post. It's my turn, so here we go.

I blog a lot on my personal blog, Meg's Ragged Edge, and I've found through blogging and thrifting that I need things to have a certain magical quality. They either have to be beautiful or they have to be ridiculous. I need to be able to smile when I look at something for me to want to buy it (and if you've stopped in the shop, you know I smile at a lot of things). Here are some of my little spots around the home that make me smile.

This cardinal figurine was gifted to my boyfriend and I by our neighbor, and we never got rid of it even though it wasn't really our style. When I was at the St Paul's Rummage Sale, I snagged these two little owls for just fifty cents each! And now, seeing these guys all together, I actually like the cardinal. He's a keeper.

I have a major thing for art plates, which I never liked until I started working at Phantastic Phinds. I got this little moth guy the minute he came in because my boyfriend LOVES lunar moths. He hangs over my sink (which was full of dirty dishes so you aren't getting the full picture).

Also in my kitchen are these two plates from my Sharpie DIY. If you get the Twin Peaks reference, we need to be friends right now!

This is another Phantastic Phinds purchase! This lamp sits on my side of the couch on top of a decoupaged jewelry box that I've had since I was fifteen. It is perfect for reading by and looks so vintage chic. I love it!

I also got these owl trivets (there are four, only two are pictured). As you can see, I have a love of all things owl. These are great for drinks, but I also use them to put candle cups on.

Here is one of my favorite wall displays that sits right over my sewing table. The pics are a little dark because there isn't great lighting in my house, but almost all of these items are from Phantastic Phinds. The Huldah print of the Victorian girl is the very first thing I purchased at Phantastic Phinds and she's inspired me to start looking for other Huldah prints.

Something I love that we get into the shop on a pretty regular basis is vintage photographs. I have started a pretty big collection of them! When I was trying to figure out what to do with them, I came up with a brilliant idea. See, I'm very into posters and rock memorabilia on walls, but my boyfriend doesn't like that look. My favorite band in the world did a vintage inspired video where the band portrayed WW2 soldiers. So I printed out some of my favorite pictures from that video and I mingled them in with the vintage photos I got from the shop. Liz gifted me with some mini frames, and the oval frames I got at Phantastic Phinds. Can you tell what band I'm talking about? ;-)

Eventually I'd like to get one of those large picture frames and string wire through it so I can clip my pictures onto it. (CLICK HERE for an example.)

I used to have an accordion rack as a jewelry holder in my room at my parent's house, but I got rid of it when I moved and I missed it so much! So of course, when we got on at Phantastic Phinds, I snapped that right up!

We just recently did a massive clean out (I say "did" but we're still going on with it) and my boyfriend got all decorative with some candles and his current reading list.

I love this crate. I've had it for years (since I was probably twelve). It's been everything from a trinket stand to a book shelf, and now it holds our TIME magazines. Even though it didn't come from Phantastic Phinds, we get these in a lot!

Finally, I put this in here for Angela. One day at the shop I was talking to a customer while Angela checked them out and I mentioned having a small Mr. T tea pot. Angela and the customer cracked up! This is my tiny "Mr. Tea" Pot that I got for $.99 at Goodwill. My boyfriend HATES it, but you have to have a sense of humor sometimes when you decorate. You have to think about what will make you smile. This definitely makes me smile every time I see it.

I'll leave you with a mini round-up of some items I'm drooling over in the shop. Remember, surround yourself with things that make you smile. That is my best decorating tip.

1. Circe Art Nouveau Sculpture - I love this piece. I am a mythology and fairy tale nut (emphasis on NUT) so I love any time we get something myth related in the shop.
2. White Wood Painted Desk - I think this would be perfect for my laptop. Between Meg's Ragged Edge, Phantastic Phinds, online college and my "secret project" I spend a lot of time on the computer and I need a good desk.
3. Vintage White Wicker Screen - I imagine this with fabric on one side, to make it opaque, and I would use it as a back drop for my outfit posts on MRE. I love this screen and the price is amazing!
4. Vintage Brass and Crystal Chandelier - Because my home is so poorly lit and I need light for sewing and painting, I always look at the chandeliers that come into the shop. I adore this one. It would be so amazing in my sewing room.

~Meghan for Phantastic Phinds
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  1. OH! I LOVE that Mr. Tea pot!!!! It would make me smile every time I saw it too.


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