DIY Sharpie Art Hanging Plate

I spend a lot of time on Pinterest. More than Angela, probably. I pin things before work, after work, late at night if I can't sleep- I'm on the constant prowl for new and exciting DIY ideas. Sometimes my mom will call me and tell me about DIY projects and I will have already heard about them from Pinterest. It's a sickness, I know.

I saw a bunch of those baked sharpie mugs going around, but it wasn't until A Beautiful Mess did a tutorial that I felt confident in trying my hand at these. Even though I hand wash all of our dishes, I still wasn't keen on trying mugs. However, thanks to Phantastic Phinds, I have recently developed an addiction to art plates. You know how we put those magazine pictures on everything? Well there is one picture that we use where someone painted their own art plates (it was birds). I thought that pretty hanging plates would be a great way to try this sharpie DIY.

Let's start with a semi romantic story. I've been living with my boyfriend for five years and we're coming up on our anniversary. His favorite show is Twin Peaks and he made me watch it with him last year. It's a little bit dark for me, honestly, but some of the quotes have become phrases we say to each other as a private joke. For example, Agent Cooper always talks about "damn fine" cups of coffee, so every Sunday morning when we're making coffee one of us will usually say that line. Also, if something seems suspicious to us, we say "The Owls Are Not What They Seem". It's nice. It's like little coded messages that only us (and every other Twink Peaks fan) knows.

I started with blank plates purchased for a few dollars over at Phantastic Phinds.

 I drew my designs on the plates with sharpies!

 This one is my favorite. I love this quote because I've decorated a lot of our house with owls. I think my obsession with owls can be directly linked to my absolute adoration of David Bowie and the Labyrinth movie.

I followed A Beautiful Mess's tutorial and took these home to bake them (30 minutes at 350 degrees). I didn't have a problem with cracking because these were pretty sturdy, but you might want to do a test plate first. If you never wanted to wash these you probably don't have to bake them (since we're making them into hanging plates) but my house is SO DUSTY that I would eventually need to wash them. Oh the glory of old homes, right?

Now, I'm going to show you how to make them into hanging plates. You will need e-6000, sturdy ribbon and patience.

 I marked the back of the plate where the top would be so I knew which direction to glue. I put a dab of e-6000 and made a loop with my ribbon. Then, I glued a smaller strip of ribbon over it to make it secure.

Wait for the e-6000 to dry and there you go! You could just buy wire plate hangers but I don't have the patience for that, so I just used what was on hand to make an instant hanger.

 And there is the finished product hanging on a nail in the shop! Isn't this a cool idea? And you could do so much with it. You could stencil things on it or even literature and Bible quotes would be wonderful! And these are cool for hanging in the kitchen as art. I'm going to do a whole Twin Peaks collection for our anniversary and hang them next to his side of the couch.

Like what you see? Have your own version of this project you'd like to share? Leave us feedback in the comments below.

~Meghan for Phantastic Phinds

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