Round Up: How Does Your Garden Grow?

Whew, what scorching weather it's been in the Philly area lately! I know it's summer but man oh man, I'm ready for fall already! I hope everyone has been doing their best to stay cool (come to the shop, we have AC!). Even though it's crazy hot, I know a bunch of you are into gardening. Personally, every plant I have that isn't a succulent I manage to kill, but that doesn't mean I give up! I just keep trying. Since I've got flowers and cacti on the brain, I thought I'd whip up this little blog post to showcase some of my favorite items in the shop that would be so easy to up-cycle into usable planters.

Now, before we get some nervous nellies out there complaining that we are messing up collectibles, I just want to say that I understand the hesitation to cut up vintage or antique items. My disclaimer? If no one is using it for what it is, then it is perfectly acceptable to turn it into something YOU love and YOU WILL use. It helps the environment and makes you feel good too.

To start us off, I rounded up a bunch of tutorials from the web on how to drill holes in glass or china. These tutorials will come in handy for this project and if you ever see something you want to turn into a lamp (Like a tea pot or jar).

* My Search on Pinterest - Link Here
* The Happy Tulip Blog Tells You Why Diamond (drill bits) Are A Girl's Best Friend - Link Here
* Design Mom does a great tutorial for drilling glass with her juice jar lamps - Link Here
* Turnstyle Vogue has a great glass tutorial - Link Here
* eHow Mom has a great piece on drilling through china - Link Here

If you aren't feeling up to drilling holes in your china, it's okay. I don't know how this works for regular plants but for my succulents all I have to do is put some river rocks at the bottom of a dish for drainage and my plants are just as happy without a drainage hole as with a drainage hole.

For this first set up I picked out the one flower pot we currently have in (although we do get them often) and this great metal plant urn. I thought that these bright colored Italian platters would make great drip dishes for underneath flower pots while brightening them up a little.

This set up is a little more unusual, but I love this serving dish and I think it would also be a great drip dish for under flower pots. I love vintage milk glass and USA pottery because they are bright but also neutral enough to flow. These would be sweet with little cacti and succulents in a window (where mine live). I also like this syrup container as a teeny watering pot.
These two little pheasant guys are what started me thinking about drilling holes in dishes to make planters today. They are a great shape and while pheasants aren't my favorite thing, they are really nicely done and would look awesome with some herbs or some succulents growing inside. This is another syrup container that I think would make an adorable watering can if you're like me and your garden is only as big as your window sill.

Another window sill watering option is vintage tea pots. They are safe because they were made to drink out of and they are very nice to look at, not to mention they offer easy spill control. I don't know about you but I'm a little clumsy when it comes to watering my plants. Tea cups make great small plant holders and I've been wanting to try out that look for a while. Check out these inspirational posts on Pinterest - Link here.
 In my final set up I was looking around the shop at desert-type stands that we have. I picked out one of the DIY Cake plates I made and this other aluminum piece. In a window or table display, these would allow you to have plants of varying heights which adds visual interest to a display. I love this hot pink tea cup and would definitely put a little hen-and-chick in there, and these blue and white tiny plant holders just rock!

I understand these displays are kind of small scale. If you are a large garden person, or looking for porch inspiration, I have a few items in the shop for you. 

 These large mixing bowls are a little plain, but really when using things like bowls as planters you want the flowers to be the focus of your display. If you still think they're too plain, try some glass paint and make your own design!

These are two of my favorite planters that we've gotten in and they are both pretty good sized. I like the cute little purple flowers on the one and the green color on the other. I also like things that don't match, so I probably would use these together for a more eclectic vibe. Happy planting. 

~ Meghan for Phantastic Phinds

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