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Hello! It's Meghan. I know that it's sad to say this, but summer is almost over, which can only mean one thing for you moms and dads out there- it's back to school time. Whether your child is in grade school or leaving for college, Phantastic Phinds has a lot of things that would be a great way to start the new school year. Don't believe me? Well, I'll just have to show you, then!

Every kid needs a good desk. My desk was one of my favorite pieces of furniture when I was in high school and college. I could sew, do homework, read and write on my desk! And I had so much fun decorating it with paint and stickers that it became a keepsake. Here are some cool desks we have in the shop right now.

Yellow Secretary and Chair , Wicker Faux Marble Top Desk 
 This yellow secretary and chair are perfect. As a pair, it is small and adorable but unlike other secretaries the inside is devoid of those compartments which make it perfect for computer or laptop storage. The lid folds up closed and compact for a perfect child's or young adult's piece. This faux marble wicker desk is lightweight, would be awesome for a project (for example, paint it!) and would look so cute in a feminine room.

For a more classic look, we also have two vintage leather top desks. Both are wonderful as is, but could also be painted a funky color or neutral tone for a modern feel.

Link to Item On Our Website
Link to Item on Our Website 
Even when I was a little kid I used to hit up yard sales and thrift shops for interesting things to decorate my room with. One of the things I always liked to have on my desk or dresser was a little pen cup. But of course I wanted something more unique than a mug. As an aspiring artist and writer, I had TONS of pens and paintbrushes lying around. So I made a little collage of some of my favorite things in the shop that would make great pen cups.

Milk Glass Toothpick Holder , Ceramic Open Mouth Frog ,  Vintage Tin , Scottie Dog Planter
For the younger kids' rooms, we have a couple of cute pieces in mind for storage. First up is a cute little white dresser! This dresser is like a blank canvas waiting for someone to make it a project. It could be painted with vines and flowers, moons and stars, or just a new bright color! And it's only $87.50!

3 Drawer Dresser
We also got in this vintage lamb motif dresser/cabinet from around the 1940's. It's great for a vintage inspired baby room with pull out drawers and two shelves behind the top two doors. I think it would also be phantastic refurbished into something else. Maybe take the top doors off and let the shelves show? And the details on the bottom with the curved lines are just wonderful.

Lamb Dresser 
We have a couple of really funky side tables that would be great for a little girl or teenager. These are great for next to the bed for a lamp, some books or a magazine.

Zebra Side Table
This cute little zebra black and white table was created by one of our consignors. She did all of the painting and trim on it! It would be super sweet for beside a bed in a funky kids room. The two tiers create great storage and charm.

Pink Side Table
The same consignor did this table. This would be great for aspiring little rock stars because, if you look closely, you'll see that the stencil she used was old CD's. The pink and black motif is so rock and roll!
Magazine Rack
We also got this locker themed colorful hanging organizer that would not only be great for books, magazines or homework, but it would also make a nice planter! (Because not all back to school presents need to be for the kids.)

The last thing I want to show you is a set up in the shop that we did using this painted desk, painted stool, vintage globe and brightly colored canisters.

Bright Canister ,  Plaid Top Desk ,  Yellow Stool , Vintage Globe
This adorable desk has a cute kidney shaped plaid painted top, floral drawer and colorful legs, but it would also be really cute if painted a solid bright color like turquoise! Pair it with a fun chair or stool- it's so quirky cute! The vintage globe has it's own stand and adds a cool vibe to kids' rooms. We love those bright canisters and since they are a little small instead of using them in a kitchen they would be great for pens, supplies, trinkets and even as a bank!

Sometimes, even if you aren't redoing a whole room, all it takes to make a good start to a new year at school is just one little piece to spruce up a bedroom or dorm room. For a little kid, it could get them excited about new beginnings. For a teenager, it could make going back to school just a little bit bearable. And for a college bound student it reminds you of home where ever you might be going.

Like what you see? Leave us a comment! We always appreciate feedback.

~Meghan for Phantastic Phinds

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