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Hello Everyone, It's Angela. Upon Meghan's suggestion, after the rave reviews of Liz's blog about her Chotchkies, we are all doing Pick of the Weeks featuring our purchases from Phantastic Phinds. 

Many of you have often said to me "your house must be amazing" and I usually just laugh. The irony of working around such fabulous things all day is that you get used to them, and for me, it really has to be interesting or have a great story for me to take it home. I truly enjoy watching the great things in the store come in and out, and I am sure I have said to you "Oh, I just love that!" upon placing your item on the counter to be rung up - and I do! I wouldn't say it if I didn't mean it. I love when people buy the things I love! But for it to come home with me, it had to whisper something special in my ear and the consignor had to say just the right thing about it and I had to think about it for a little while, and then it had to be mine.
Once we figure out where we are going and what our plan is, I promise to take you all along for the ride of redo's, decorating and fixing-er-ups  but until we find "the" home, we live quaintly in our little house here.
First up, my barn wood doorknob rack and SEPIATONELOVING typeset letters. A couple of the doorknobs on this rack are from Phantastic Phinds way back when I use to run it out of my garage in Lafayette Hill. My dad took a piece of Iowa barn wood and drilled the holes (I'm still afraid of power tools believe it or not, but working on it). The second knob in on the left is an Eastlake knob from the attic of my Aunt's Victorian in N. Jersey - I just love Eastlake but it never really fit in with my style, so I sneak it in here and there. The typeset letters spell out a line from our wedding song, a few of the letters came from the store where I got the inspiration for the words and the rest were filled in from Etsy.
These old window frames were Phantastic Phinds. My mom actually painted them and added the mirrors and was going to resell them in the store, but I swiped them before they could ever make it back in. I think the whole thing cost about $35. Aren't they so cute. You would never guess how many people try to open them, I guess it is an optical illusion. This is really an easy project, I'll go over it sometime in the future.

Next up is my yellow American Pottery collection. I am sure you have seen it on the blog many times before but it is really the only "collection" that I have consistently collected. Several of the pieces are from the store, and to be honest I am not totally sure which ones anymore. I try to pick up a new piece whenever we go on a vaca or are out vintaging (is that a word? like antiquing but for vintage stuff? well it is now). I have about two more crates of yellow pottery stashed away. Did I mention that this cute little house is also very small? I sometimes change out the pieces I have on display on my cupboard. Oh yes, the cupboard. She is going to get doused with Chalk Paint™ once we start carrying it this fall. I think I might keep her gray but I need to cover the spray paint at the bottom and the top is unfinished because it was, at one point, a top cabinet in someones kitchen.
Here is another glimpse. I am not very picky about the shades or shapes, and not all the pieces are American but most are. I have some Haeger and McCoy but most just plainly say USA on the bottom or nothing at all. I try to keep all pieces under $20, it's more fun that way.
This was the first piece I ever got. It sat for years and years in my grandparents kitchen. When my grandmother passed away my grandfather asked if there was something I wanted to have and this unmarked McCoy yellow vase was it. I had stared at it for years while eating the amazing Italian dinners my grandmother  made - and now it sits in my kitchen, among some other yellow friends.
Ok, this wine rack is not from Phantastic Phinds but it is FANTASTIC. The hubs picked it up for me off the curb in Philly. Can you believe it?! I sanded it and waxed it to seal it. Here it sits covered in stuff that IS from PP...  
I am always tempted to buy more of these when they come in but I have to remind myself that three is plenty. I love these old seltzer bottles, and the varying shades are great. I got all three of these over the years from PP, I think all but one are from Philly companies, which I also love.
This spooner was a gift from a very close family friend. She gave me one sterling silver spoon for it. When silver spoons come into the store I am always snagging more to add to it. We don't get sterling spoons often, especially singles, but when we do - you can bet they are coming home with me.

Again, the magic number is three. These meat or food weights are just the thing for extra keys by our door. For the longest time I had just two but recently the one on the right came into PP and I snagged it. It is a little more shiny than the rest so I might wax it with dark wax to give it a dark patina like the others.
This giant mirror was a bright gold when it came into the store. I coated it was about 5 different colors to get this effect. What do you think? It sits atop one of my most favorite pieces in the house, a green antique linen press that now houses lots of toys and baby blankets. My, how things have changed.
Here is a close up of the painted finish, if you want to see the before check out the PP before and after page. Most of the pieces I showed you here are also on that page.
Thanks for taking a little tour with me around my house. I promise to take you along when Tim and I figure out our next move... until then, happy "vintaging"!

What is your favorite PHIND in your home?  Leave a comment below and let us know!

~Angela for Phantastic Phinds

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  1. Hey Angela - I have a much smaller collection of yellow McCoy planters...a little more specific because I have so many collections! Anyway, when there is just USA on the bottom, it is usually McCoy. In fact I was about to research a yellow basin/pitcher that I just picked up...funny!

    1. How funny that you like yellow McCoy too, vintage bonds... Thanks for the info on the USA pieces. Makes sense since McCoy was just one of a few American potters who used yellow clay. Interesting. I never really paid much attention since most of my "collections" stop being collected after a short while. I figured the yellow pottery collection would fall prey to that too. I guess now I have a reason to give it some more thought. My goal is to get a huge collection and then start weeding it out once I have a place to display it. Here's hoping! ~Angela


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