Guest Post: Dana from Circa Dee Repurposed Dresser

I'd like to introduce Dana from Circa Dee. Dana and I met a little while back when I purchased a vintage Philadelphia "topless" footlocker from her. We both did Clover Market together and formed a little vintage bond if you will. She recently opened a brick and mortar store in the Skippack area near Center Pointe Pond. She writes a wonderfully informative and playful blog on repurposing, upcycling and enjoying vintage Phinds. Her site link is below. Enjoy! ~Angela

Hi there! I'm Dana from Circa Dee and I'm super excited to be visiting Phantastic Phinds today. I love, love, love the shop because it is filled with tons of vintage treasures which is kind of my thing. In some cases I like to repurpose the tired, worn vintage pieces and other times I enjoy their age & patina as is. Today I am here to show you a quick and easy repurpose project that I did this summer.

This old dresser was destined for the curb when the drawers fell apart and all that was left was the shell.

Now normally when I have an old dresser, I immediately turn to paint as a means to refresh it. Not this time. I took a different approach because I like the sassy silver exterior and worn black interior.

I decided to rebuild the interior so this piece could be come a book case or open shelving. First I considered having glass shelves cut but cutting glass that would be thick enough to support the weight of books can be pricey. I decided on something way cooler anyway. How about heavy duty steel? Yes, steel as in from an auto body.

I had a mechanic cut 2 shelves to size out of 1/4 inch thick steel. Each side was bent to give a nice finished edge. Sheets of steel can be purchased at Home Depot or Lowe's and it comes in various weights and finishes.

I love how the natural silvery/black color matches the dresser so well. The shelves sit right on the ledges that already existed from the drawers that previously inhabited the space.

And the shelves are quite sturdy. I did opt for just 2 shelves although there are ledges for 3 because I prefer to have one shelf larger than the others.

So there you have a no paint dresser transformation!

I use this piece in my shop for displaying items during our monthly occasional sales. Come check it out!

~ Dana from Circa Dee for Phantastic Phinds

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  1. Hi Angela - Vintage bonds are the best bonds! I always wondered what you did with the topless footlocker. That was a good one!

    1. surprisingly I haven't done a thing with it yet. I bought it to use as a backdrop for monthly pictures of my little one to show how big he was getting, but it was a little too big for that. It will most likely be a catchall for toys in his room once we move.


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