DIY: Painted Vintage Brass Lamp

Hi, It's Angela here with a quick and easy DIY on how to turn an old brass table lamp into a statement piece in your room.  

We are constantly getting old, heavy, brass lamps into the shop. Although they were once all the rage, the plain brass makes them a little dated and a little less desirable. Usually, however, they have great lines and shapes that would really pop with the right treatment. 

You have probably overhead me, more than once, telling a customer how to paint a brass lamp. I have done it several times and decided to give you a peek on the process.

What you need (all available at your local hardware store, except for the lamp -come see us for that one):
* Vintage brass lamp
* Small piece of painters tape or masking tape
* Metal or Brass Spray Primer
* Latex Paint - color of your choice
* Paint Brush (get a good one, it will be worth it in the long run)
* About an hour (mostly for dry time)

Vintage brass lamp needing a little pick-me-up
Step One: Clean with dry cloth to remove dust & dirt. Do not polish. Cover wire with small piece of painters or masking tape. I skipped this step because I'm going to have the lamp rewired.
Step Two: Spray with Metal or brass primer. This was $3.99 at the Oreland True Value. I have used it on several projects. It says on the can METAL - WOOD - WICKER - MORE
Tip: Do long steady strokes in sections. Read the can for the proper distance, you do not want to have any drips. If a drip occurs dab immediately with dry cloth, do not wipe.   
For the overhangs and crevices on this lamp, I did one coat straying from top to bottom and another from bottom to top. Two thin coats should do. Be sure to cover all the metal and allow to dry.
Step Three: Paint several thin coats instead of one or two thicker coats to avoid drips. I did three thin coats here. Allow plenty of dry time in between coats.
Step Four: ENJOY! (I will find a better lampshade, but you get the idea.)
Pretty easy huh? Please send us your PHANTASTIC DIY's and if they fit the interest of our readers, we will be happy to post them. (Can anyone spot Piper above? She was trying to sneak upstairs mid shot.)

Lamps we currently have in the store that would look great painted!

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Now $35.00 (we have two) - Go to this item
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Since I have your attention... I acquired this awesome vintage game board a while back and I cannot decide what to do with it. I need your help! If you have a suggestion,
I had purchased a vintage USA puzzle and added magnets to the back of each state for an education and useful fridge display so I wanted to do something out of the ordinary with the game board. I would LOVE to hear your thoughts!
~ Angela for Phantastic Phinds

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  1. love the magnet map! I am LOVING everything "map" lately.

    1. Thanks Denise. I am too. I have to resist every time we get a globe in the shop. Not sure what to do with the game board, any thoughts? Thinking about framing it as is but wanted to get a little more creative. Drawing a blank!

  2. Great idea! I love your blog!

  3. Wow. I love this idea. The lamp looks so different. As for the map, I would frame it as is - it is great, but I am not creative as you girls.

    1. Thanks Cathy. It is really an easy project. Thanks for the idea with the game board too.

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    3. Antique Brass Picture Light are not really antiques, they can be state of the art modern lamps housed in brass finished with a finishing process that produces a certain ..


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