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Hello! It's Meghan. After my last "Style Two Ways" post one of our readers wrote in to request some inspiration for a man cave that she was putting together for her husband and son.

"I enjoy seeing what you come up with. I am presently putting together a 'man cave' for my boys (hubby and son). I am going for the industrial look. Any ideas in the store? xo, Renee"

As a matter of fact, I do have a couple things that would be pretty great in a man cave. I was actually really excited by this question because I've never really decorated with a guy theme before. I tried to keep my two brothers in mind; if I were decorating a room for them, what would I do? So here is what I came up with for man caves everywhere.

The day after I received this reader request we got in these two awesome black lockers, priced individually at only $99.00 each. These would be perfect for an industrial look or in a sporty room and they are excellent storage! Use them for blankets, winter clothes or coats, shoes- whatever you want! And they paint up real easy, too, so if black isn't your color a nice soft gray would look good, too.

I put together this little setup in the hopes that it would help you on your man cave quest. For this look, I pulled together some of my favorite pieces that are not only neat but also versatile. I think that the wooden butcher's block would make a great small work bench for model building, crafts or even as a TV stand. You could use the Annie Sloane paint and make it a neat color to add some faux age to the piece. The industrial style desk chair is a real phind and the rustic stool goes perfectly with our butcher block work bench.

On top of our work bench, I picked out a marble cutting board to serve as a drinks tray. It has a clean look that can be both masculine and feminine. I picked ornate pressed glass cups that are pretty but also heavy, so they would hold up over time and be great for beer with friends. I picked out this clear pressed glass pitcher, too, which is basic enough to go with everything but still pretty by itself. Old bottles are a great way to decorate a room and can also be used to hold flowers, and cigar boxes make great little storage boxes for tools or small parts. I love the pewter pitcher lamp and the two wooden lamps I picked out here. The wooden lamps can be left alone or painted (Phillies Red and White, anyone?). I also included an earth toned piece of pottery for potpourri, mostly because having grown up with brothers and a dad, I know how smelly boys can be sometimes. Might want to cover that up.

The shelves of the butcher's block is great for holding toys or even sneakers and shoes. These tin toys remind me of things my uncle played with when he was younger, so I added them to the picture.

Jenna, who is new to the shop and has boys of her own, put together this unique ladder display that would be great for holding toys and tools. Just take two drawers, lay them across the steps of the ladder, and there you have an easy DIY.

I'm in love with this cool old desk lamp. I think it has a great industrial, unisex look and would be a wonderful vintage phind for any room, but especially a man cave.
Let's talk storage and trunks. When I think industrial, I think of the Industrial Revolution and the Steampunk subculture, which I am a part of. Victorian trunks add so much to a room and can easily be repurposed, but left alone they make great storage for shoes, books, baby keepsakes, ect. Flat ones like the bottom trunk pictured here make excellent coffee tables!

I picked a few other knick-knacks in the shop that would be great for both a man cave and just as regular decor items. These handmade pottery drinking glasses are a great, neutral earth tone and the vintage tins make for great storage and utensil holders. Book ends are also great, especially if your men are anything like the book lovers in my life. If you didn't like the clear glass pitcher, check out this other green one we have that would be great for mixing drinks in (it's summer, we have drinks on the mind here at the shop). I also like the hammered aluminum pieces that we get in because they are feminine but also rugged.

Lastly, I want to talk artwork with you. What goes on the walls is very important in a room and a man cave is no different. Old maps, advertising pieces and turn of the century etchings can add age and rustic charm while keeping the room masculine. I love the retro coke inspired stuff, as well as the vintage Boodles Gin sign we have.

 I would also consider a vintage paint by number landscape. These landscapes add nature without adding frills and the retro look is very in style right now. These are a steal at $14.00 each!

 I also did a quick search on Pinterest and came up with just a couple interesting things from other blogs that might also work in your man cave. For a tool theme or an industrial look, this ruler, which can also be used to measure your children's growth, is a pretty neat wall decoration and probably very easy to DIY.
And Modest Maven had two very cool tutorials that would be excellent to book mark. First she reupholstered a wing back chair and made it look super modern, and while she did that she made a sweet tutorial so you can do it, too. Also, she took a cedar chest, like the one we have in the shop, and she made it into a bench seat! Storage and seating all in one convenient package.

If you have any requests or suggestions, email us or write them in the comments below! We love to hear your feedback!

Shop the First Man Look:
* Wooden Butcher's Block
* Industrial Desk Chair
* Rustic White Stool
* Vintage Bottles 
* Large Pitchers
* Ornate Pressed Glass Drinking Glasses
* Cigar Boxes
* Cutting Board
* Earthy Pottery
* Large Industrial Lamp

Shop the Manly Artwork:
* Boodles Gin 
* Horse Print
* Paint By Numbers
* Coke Themed Advertising
* Map

Shop the Second Manly Look:
* Trunks
* Book Ends
* Vintage Quaker Oats Tin
* Aluminum Tray
* Hand Thrown Pottery Cups

~Meghan for Phantastic Phinds

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