Pick of the Week: Tranformers, Tables In Disguise

Hello! It's Meghan again with a great staff pick this week. Angela and I were trying to move this coffee table in the shop and we noticed a handle underneath. We decided to mess with it and suddenly this little slate type top coffee table transformed! It went from coffee table to full dining room table. Okay, the transformation wasn't so sudden as we both pulled it up, but it was still amazing to us because we had no idea this table converted like that.
See? Unassuming coffee table by day...
Amazing dinner table by night! 

And look at the adorable little detail on this! Cute little scalloped edges and everything! This tough little table would be so cute in a small apartment because you can have it closed as a coffee table when you're alone but open it when you have dinner guests! What a space saver. Of course, it has a slate type top which I immediately wanted to make into a chalk board, but now that I know it flips open I think it's special enough as it is.

Someone did come in to purchase this piece just after I wrote this blog about it, and they said that their parents owned a similar piece and when they were little they used to hide their vegetables under the lever! Isn't that funny?

See? You just never know what you're going to find in this shop!

~Meghan for Phantastic Phinds

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