Now Carrying HOWARD Silver Polish

As you know, we sell Howard Restore-A-Finish like hot cakes in the shop. It is a great product, we love it and so do our customers. Howard just came out with a silver polish that apparently is wondrous, so we ordered some and tested it out on this little silverplate pitcher that was destined for the donation bin.

Sad little silverplate pitcher that needed a good shine. You know how I love my silverplate
tarnished, but there are some things that just need to shine!
NEW! Howard Silver Polish - creamy and smells good
It went on soooo easy. I wiped it on with a dry rag and let is sit for about 5 seconds (I'm a little impatient).
Literally no elbow grease involved! That's my kind of polish! 
It shined up so much I had to turn the flash off to take an after shot. Say Cheese! 
You can see the before & after here, I only did a small portion of it so that our customers could see the difference.
Ohhh Laaa Laa.
It is intended for silver, silverplate and chrome.
Don't forget we carry the Howard Restore-A-Finish in multiple shades in the shop.
Above is a dresser that was just purchased. I used a little Mahogany Howards to show the customer just what it could do.

~Angela for Phantastic Phinds

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