Guest Post: Thistlewood Farm DIY Personailzed Trays

Hello everyone

We are happy to introduce our very FIRST guest blogger, Thistlewood Farm. You may have seen the Thistlewood Farm logo on the Friends & Sponsors section of our blog, well here is an adorable post from Karianne at Thistlewood on how to create these adorable personalized trays.

If I were a wooden tray….

…..this is what I would want to be when I grew up.

Nothing too fancy for me.

Just paint me white….

                                 ….distress me a little….

….and when I was dry….

….drill tiny little holes in the shape of letters….

…..then finish my make-over by weaving grey embroidery through the holes to spell out words.

You’ve seen them before…..

……sitting over by the plastic fruit and the unfinished paint by numbers.


Waiting for greatness.

My sister created this tray and sewed each and every tiny stitch.

It’s really a wonderful way to give an old tray new life.

So next time you see an old neglected wooden tray at a thrift store…..

                                   …..let it “speak” to you :)

~Thistlewood Farm for Phantastic Phinds 

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  1. Meghan,

    Thank you sooooo much for having me over here! I just put a shout out on my blog! You are so wonderful and it was so much fun!



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