DIY Ideas: Back to the Drawer-ing Board

Hi there, It's Meghan! I was lookin' around the shop the other day and I noticed that we had these two lovely old wooden dresser drawers. No, not the whole dresser (although we have plenty of those), just two drawers. It got me wondering, what can you do with old dresser drawers? Well, as usual, a quick search on Pinterest proved that you can do a LOT with old dresser drawers. Just take a peek!

The Inspiration Drawers:
Link to First Drawer , Link to Second Drawer
Aren't they cute? Here are the projects we found that other people used their dresser drawers for.

This beautiful plant stand is a phantastic idea for old dresser drawers! Paint them all the same color or use different colors for each step to add a pop to your outdoor displays!
This cool headboard is made from old dresser drawers pieced together to make a very adorable and artistic piece that adds storage to this lovely room! (I linked to the pin because the pictures on the website didn't seem to be working.)
The same idea is applied here to make a unique storage unit that isn't in a bedroom! This could easily be a cool entertainment center, computer table or hobby table (you know I love sewing themed things). The different colors add texture and really liven up the white walls.
 This is my favorite idea because it's simple and I can be a lazy crafter when it comes to my home decor stuff. Just a coat of paint, some picture hangers and pretty paper as a background and this beautiful old drawer becomes a quirky bathroom shelf.
That same blog had another post that was pretty awesome- it was for dressers already missing drawers. This one was my favorite:
Isn't that cool? If you see a neat dresser that is missing a drawer, just put some wood where the dresser used to be (I'm sure it's a little more complicated than that, but not too much) and it becomes a shelf instead! I love it! Wouldn't it be cool to do this to a dresser that had all it's drawers- take one out, make that a shelf and hang it behind the dresser? I think that'd be neat! 

And finally, if you're looking for the perfect bookshelf, consider making one out of old drawers like this one below.
How lovely is that color? And I need to know where they got that paper because scottie dogs are such a vintage touch. 

What is inspiring you here? Did you like this post? Remember, if you did, we always love comments! Leave some below!

~Meghan for Phantastic Phinds

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  1. Hi guys - how much are the drawers. I'm in need of a bunch! Thanks, Dana

    1. Hey Dana, they are now only $5.25 each. We have two left. You can swing by to see them or call with CC info tomorrow to buy. Talk to you soon. -Angela


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