Style Two Ways: Butter Cover

The Butter Dish In Question $12.50
Recently in the shop we got in a butter cover that was just the top, there was no bottom. It is a beautiful pink glass with vintage lettering on the top (that spells out "BUTTER COVER"). Now, personally I've been looking for a small butter dish for some time but it needed to have a bottom as well. This one is too big for my needs, but I had some ideas of how to style it and I thought I would pass them along to you!

For the first look, I was trying to complete the cover with a bottom and had a thought. We have so many adorable vintage plates in the shop that it would be really simple to take an odd plate and put a cover on that to make your own mismatched set! I chose this Limoge Serving Dish because the beautiful pink flowers seemed to accent the pink glass in the cover.

Serving Dish $8.25
It doesn't create a perfect seal, but would still be a great way to serve or store your butter. Another way I thought up is a more rustic look using a vintage cutting board we got in. Instead of butter, this would be a cute way to serve up a small portion of cheese and crackers. Use it outside as a snack for two and let the glass butter cover keep out all the summer pests! This look is so cute.

Vintage Cutting Board $9.50
So you see, anything can find a new home or purpose, or join forces with something else to still be an adorable and practical item! Did you enjoy this article? Leave a comment below!

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