Staff Picks of the Week : The Hobbyist Strikes Again!

Hey guys, it's Meghan again! You might remember Angela's post a few weeks ago on the dress form we got in (which I drool over daily) and I am using that as inspiration for my staff pick! I'm building a dream sewing room with help of the shop. Here is what I'd like:

Item Link: $65.00
 I would REALLY love this notions cabinet. It is great for organizing thread and buttons, but also would be good for jewelry supplies, beads or any other little thing you might imagine. Heck, it would even be cool as a jewelry box! I would probably paint it a cute pastel blue and paint little flowers on it, but it is gorgeous just as it is, too.

Item Link: $213.75
 This beautiful cast iron vintage singer table is a dream item for me. My mother has a few and I really really wish I could have one. They are good for consoles (Mom's TV is on one of hers) but I would use it as a laptop desk. It's a good height, it's charming, and it has drawers to hold all my pens. My sewing room doubles as an office/homework room, so it would be nice for me to have a desk in there that is still in the crafty feel but I can put my laptop on as well.

Item Link: $48.75
 I love the color of this beautiful sewing table, and what is really interesting is this is one of the few sewing tables we've gotten in that still has the machine in it! I know! The front also opens up to hold threads. I would probably take out the machine and try to fit my own in, but you can't beat a cute sturdy table. Even though I love the color, I would also consider painting it blue but leaving the goldish tone on the trim.

Item Link: $138.75
Lastly, one of the major things I've been looking for right now is a cute way to store my massive fabric collection. This art deco hutch is just the sweetest, and it's beautiful left alone or painted one of the fun colors  I mentioned above. It's also on the smaller side of the hutches we've gotten in, which would be perfect for me because I live in an apartment.

As always, this has been super fun! Check the shop out for these items and more, and if you like what I've written, I'd love to hear from you in the comments below. Until next time!

~Meghan for Phantastic Phinds

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