Shop Life at Phantastic Phinds

Here are just some images from around the shop for you to enjoy!

Can you believe this classic vintage desk and that red lamp!

This wicker vanity desk is so dainty it's too precious. And that glass top coffee table would be great for a patio or porch.

I love the blue campaign style chest of drawers pictured here. The pinks and purples in the print and dishes really set the color off.

The window was our hot spot this weekend! Every time we put something in it found a new home! Glad someone snapped this pic of the store front before that green table left us (so cute).  

This vintage desk has found good company with the polka dot glasses and old water bottles.

These brightly painted chairs are a set of four and they just liven up any room! You can't help but smile when you look at them. And the vintage beer glasses - what a hoot! These would be a great addition to any man cave.

Three chairs and an oak table perfect for a little kitchen or apartment- only $175.00! And wouldn't you like to learn to play croquet? 

I am in love with these little cherub lamps (there are two). 

Liz and I had fun with our new items the other night and snapped some publicity shots for the shop! Didn't they turn out great?

~Meghan for Phantastic Phinds

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