Pick of the Week: Beautiful Bow Front Vintage China Cabinet

My Pick of the week is this Gorgeous Bow Front China Cabinet.  Angela dates the piece from the 1930's. Every inch of this piece has been thought out in meticulous detail. I think this is where the phrase attention to detail may have been coined. 

You can look anywhere on this piece and notice the workmanship is exquisite.  The wood grain, the carved detail on the front legs, the slight taper on the front legs, the horizontal trim above the drawers which is  repeated at the top of the cabinet are just wonderful elements on this piece. The design on the glass doors remind me of stained glass windows I've seen in older churches. I especially love the two little finials at the top which are reminiscent of urns proudly perched on this Gem.  

Would I change it?  The wood is so beautiful that I probably would leave it but might lighten the inside with fabric or wallpaper so that my chotchkies would show up better.  This is one of those pieces you have to see in person to appreciate all the detail.  I am also amazed that this piece is in perfect condition after 80 some years. If you love this piece it also has a matching dining room table and chairs sold separately.
Link to this piece: http://phantasticphinds.com/cabinet
Measurements: 39w x 17d x 78.5h
Current Price: $800.00 now, however it goes down on 6/8 to $600

~ Liz for Phantastic Phinds


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