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Hi! It's Meghan from the shop. What you might not know is I'm an avid blogger on Meg's Ragged Edge. Recently I did a fabulous guest post on Miss Peregrin's Blogger Week extravaganza and when Angela found out that I got the little bottle that I used on the shop she asked if I would share this tutorial with you. So here you go, how to turn a cute small bottle into a wire wrapped pendant.

Step 1. Gather Supplies. Wire clippers, a teeny object (like this bottle I bought at Phantastic Phinds) and 24 gauge wire. I used emerald green to set off the cobalt color of the blue bottle.

Step 2. Make a teeny hook at the end of the wire. You'll need this later.

Step 3. Wrap wire around the neck of your bottle. You can also use more wire to make a fancy cage for your bottle- I just didn’t do that. 

Step 4. When you get to the back of the bottle, where you started, wrap the wire tightly around the base of your loop to close it off. Then bend the wire and clip it very tightly so it doesn’t rub against your skin.

And that’s it! Thread your new pendant on a pretty chain and wear! It adds that summer concert gypsy vibe to any outfit. For more DIYs that you can wear, check out the Meg's Ragged Edge Blog

~Meghan for Phantastic Phinds

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  1. CUSTOMER COMMENT: I love this! I make jewelry, too, and never thought of this idea. Funnier yet, that is my bottle you used! So happy to see it put to a new, up cycled look. See you at the shop!


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