DIY: How to Use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® & Wax Redo

Ok. I PROMISE this is not an Annie Sloan advertisement although it may READ like one, I'm just in love.

I have been DYING to try Annie's chalkpaint for a while now, ever since I read about it on almost EVERY blog that I follow! No primer, no prep, no time, just paint... that is right up my alley! I recently looked into becoming a stockist for her paints, since there are none in the area, but needed to test it out first. So here it is...

I got my feet wet with Annie Sloan paint AND wax (dark & clear) all on one little bench. The bench was actually handmade by my grandfather. He made my sisters and I these benches when we were teens. We painted them to match our current likings. Don't laugh but here mine is from my 15 year old self (I worked a really long time on that sun, heehee). 

Piper is officially a senior this year (7 years old) and her age is catching up with her. I have been using this bench to give her a lift on her food bowls so she doesn't have to bend so far (can you say spoiled, I can!)

 Step 1: The can says: No sanding, no priming, no fuss. Just shake, open & paint. So I did.

One coat covered really well. This color is called Greek Blue, in the words of my 3 year old niece "mmm mmm gorgeous"! I was afraid it would bleed through but it seemed to cover really well.

Step 2: Allow paint to dry & then generously apply Annie's Clear Wax with a dry rag. (Sorry for the blur, the camera was having a drama queen moment). The clear doesn't visually make a difference, but texturally it does wondrous things.

Step 3:  Sand. Use a fine grit sandpaper. I did just a little on the edges and one spot in the center for a little extra "age", see

Step 4: Ok, I have to tell you I was scared of the dark wax. I mean, look how DARK it is! But I talked myself down. The great thing about Annie's wax is that if you don't like where you put the dark, you can use the clear as an "eraser" and just wipe it away. 

Like I said before, I was scared, it is soooooo dark.

BUT once applied with Annie's wax brush, I used a dry rag and wiped away the excess and I really liked the result.  Piper has a new bench that fits in a little better with our decor than my previously painted one.

So whataya think? Are you hooked? Should we become a stockist & carry her line in the store? hmmmm....

~Angela for Phantastic Phinds

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  1. YES PLEASE!!! I've been dying to try this stuff myself...

  2. It is pretty expensive.

    1. Yes, it is but if you consider the cost of sanding and priming, and your time, you save a little bit there. I just love how quickly I was able to do this piece. I guess everything has its goods and bads. Thanks for the comment!

  3. Customer Comment: I have some of Anne Sloans paint I bought in Cape May last year. I was supposed to go to one of her workshops, but the time was not right. I am eager to try the paint I bought, but could not find the wax in Philly. I plan to use it soon. It would be great if you
    carried it.

  4. CUSTOMER COMMENT: Yes, this stuff looks great. Become a stockist!


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