Amish Made Entertainment Hutch

Hi! It's Meghan again and this time I'm here to talk about something very interesting to me in the store. It's an Amish hand made solid cherry entertainment cabinet that was made in Bellville PA. The reason I am so interested in this piece, other than it's versatility, is because it was made in PA by an Amish manufacturer. I grew up very close to Lancaster and on a weekly basis my mother and I would go through that area and look at the solid furniture for sale, so I have an appreciation for Amish made things. They are almost always of incredible quality, like this piece in the store, and because they are hand made in this country I love buying them. It is the patriotic side of me- I take pride in buying things from local businesses and that are made in the USA by artisans who really know their craft. 

Hand Made Amish Solid Cherry Entertainment Cabinet Bellville PA
Item Link on Our Website, Currently Priced at $325.00
(Moving Options Available)
This piece is in beautiful shape with hardly any wear on the outside. It would be amazing left alone, but if you were like me and wanted to paint it (I paint everything) it would be so easy to do. Even if you wanted to just add a few Toleware inspired flowers to the corners to just give the plain front something extra that would look cute as well. I would probably not leave it as a TV cabinet, I would probably add a rod across the inside to make it an armoire. With those two drawers on the bottom and that shelf on the top it would be a great piece for clothes. Either way, this is a beautiful piece and it would look great in any room. If you add shelves, it would even be great in a large kitchen. 

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~Meghan for Phantastic Phinds

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