Shop Life: The Infamous Lemon

Liz and I were in the shop one day, chatting with a customer who is the sweetest lady, when she looked over the counter and laughed.

"It's the infamous lemon!" she cried and we all chuckled.

The Infamous Lemon - With a name like that, he needed a mug shot. 
She wasn't the first person to mention this lemon, though. Some of our other customers have also joked or wondered about the lemon in our small wares pictures. It's a source of amusement for Liz and I, so we'll tell you. 

Once upon a time Phantastic Phinds used a ruler to gauge the size of objects in photographs for the website. It allowed customers to get a quick reference of size, but it didn't look so nice. So Angela was home one night, photographing something for her own use, and she used a lemon as the size gauge. It looked so cute that we bought some faux-duce (fake produce) and began using apples and a lemon to show how large or small something is. For example, if there is a picture of an object and the lemon is towering over it, you know that the item is very small.

The customer really made my day by naming the lemon. I will not always think of him as the infamous lemon, because things are just so much better when they have a story. And it's a reminder that no matter how small or seemingly insignificant a thing is, it always has a story. Let's take a look of some of the lemon's best moments.

Item Link
Item Link
Item Link
Item Link
Isn't our lemon a star? :-)

 ~ Meghan for Phantastic Phinds

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  1. Customer Comment: "...and since I have looked at your site week in and week out, I now reference things by the size of a lemon too, when I am in need. Not an apple or a banana but a lemon. Its bright and sunny and yellow. Thanks for passing it on."


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