Pick of the Week: The Hatfield Truck

My pick of the week is something for our local historical collectors: The Hatfield Truck

This truck is a hand made wooden truck featuring our very own local Hatfield Meat company which started in 1895.   When I did some research I could only find metal replicas online.  So, this is either the model first created for the mass produced metal trucks or someone decided to make a reproduction of the metal truck which is shown below.  It is really well constructed and the cab unhooks from the trailer.  The door on the trailer also opens.  I think it is a great piece of local history to add to your collection or a wonderful hand made toy to pass on to any boy or girl.  It is also now 50% off it's original price at $47.50.  

This is taken directly from the website:  Around the turn of the century John C Clemens, a Mainland, PA farmer, began hauling pork products form his  farm to the 18th & Ridge Ave Market in Philadelphia.   I was also happy to see they promote animal stewardship.

 ~Liz for Phantastic Phinds


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