Pick of the Week: 1950's Gold Brocade Parlor Sofa

 One of the coolest sofas just came in...We believe it is from the 50's, but to look at it's styling, you'd swear it was from the 30's. Just looking at beautiful gold brocade fabric, you'd swear no one ever sat on it! (The fabric looks gold in the picture, but in person, there is a hint of navy/gray). It is amazing! 

Normally, couches are a tough sell for us, and take up a lot of room, but we couldn't pass up this beauty that came from a local estate. It is very long (120" to be exact), but sectioned into 2 pieces. It has a wonderfully elegant curve to it, and the ends "curl" as if they were once wrapped around a beautiful art deco light or pillar. It is not only elegant, but a one-of-a-kind conversation piece with drama, and will certainly fit a party of 8 comfortably.   

 I could see this unique gem in a fabulous restaurant, the lobby of a grand hotel, or the home of someone who loves to make a statement! Come in and see for yourself. Know anyone who fits the mold?? Pass along this email and let the sofa do the talkin'....

 ~Lisa for Phantastic Phinds

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