"Welcome" The Meaning of Pineapples

Here at the shop we get a lot of cool things and a common theme that we’ve noticed is pineapples. So we thought that we’d give you a mini history lesson on the symbol of the pineapple.
In older times the pineapple was a rare and expensive fruit. Because of its price and the difficulty obtaining it, the pineapple often was a centerpiece in grand food displays during parties. The pineapple morphed into a symbol of hospitality because if you were at a party and your host had a pineapple on his table, it meant he spared no expense on behalf of his guests. The pineapple is often shown in columns, wall hangings, paintings and other architectural details as a symbol of welcome. You’ll see a lot of pineapples around Colonial Williamsburg.
If you’d like to learn more, we thought these websites were pretty helpful. (http://www.levins.com/pineapple.html, and www.learn2grow.com/inspirations/gettingstarted/findingideas/WelcomingPineapple.aspx

 Let us know what else you find!
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~ Meghan for Phantastic Phinds


  1. After visiting historic Charleston, SC, a tour guide told us that pineapples were brought back home from sea-men and world travelers to show that they had been to far-way places. They were then often displayed in the windows of their homes to show that their loved one had returned home and visitors were welcome to come over to see them.

    1. Great comment anonymous! Thanks for sharing it with us.


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