Staff Pick of The Week: Cast Brass Pull Toys

Hi, I'm Liz. My pick of the week are the two cast brass pull toys that I was told came from China. 4"w x 6"d x 6.5"h

I had never seen anything like them before but they are reminiscent of something I may have seen in a museum. They have a beautiful aged patina with some red oxidation on the Horses mane and wherever there is ornate detail. The metal could be brass or bronze which are both alloys of copper which would attribute to the red oxidation occurring.  They are also heavily weighted. 

I was curious as to why the figure who appears to be a male riding the horse is undersized in comparison to the horse, and why there were wheels.

A horse on wheels calls to mind the Trojan Horse from the Greek tale of the Trojan War.  It was a larger then life wooden horse on wheels that was presented as a gift but was part of a war strategy to defeat the Trojans. 

Upon some further research I came across a tribal web site for Indian temple pull toys and a private posting by an individual who said he was informed the reason they are called temple toys is that artifacts like these were found near an ancient temple site.

Were these toys used by children?  The wheels do have some considerable wear.  Wouldn't' you love to do a dna test on these to see who played with them? I would! 

This past week, I then found one more posting of a similar horse with a rider stating the item was a Temple Toy, 1850-1899. Under the description for estate sale it listed Tibetan, Monastery, Chinese, Himalaya.  The item was priced at $450.

You can do your own research and let us know what you find.  I think these are really fascinating and would look wonderful placed among your collections.  I'd place this one by my computer so I could day dream about some ancient land and time!

Link to these item on our site: 

Vintage Cast Brass Pull Toy Horse on Wheels from India


~Liz for Phantastic Phinds


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