Pick of the Week - Large Metal Locking Ship's Liquor Bar Cabinet

Get a load of this amazing liquor cabinet...certainly not something you see everyday!

 The consignor informed us it was a ship’s bar cabinet....how cool is that?  It is metal, (fairly heavy) with locking bars to keep the liquor safe from damage when seas got rough, but may have also kept out sneaky late-nighters’ ready for a nightcap!  
I just love the “age” with the added detail of letters and numbers along the front and sides.  

 The inside is even better, with its hidden “revolving door” for wine, a drawer, thick storage doors that have holders for glasses, wine openers and every kind of cocktail tool you could imagine. 

Imagine this unique beauty in your dining room, bar room, or on a back porch for summer nights of entertaining.  It is surely a conversation piece all on it’s own!   Think outside the box and use it to store kitchen wares, books, or special objects you need to keep safe, without skimping on design.  It speaks for itself and grabs alot of attention in the front room in our store.   It is now 25% off, and a steal if you consider what Restoration Hardware would charge for something this cool. 

Come check it out for yourself.  With all the talk about this baby...she’s not going to last! 

Here is the link to this piece, with price, photos & measurements: http://phantasticphinds.shoprw.com/product.php?productid=20712&cat=0&page=1

~Lisa for Phantastic Phinds


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