Staff Pick of The Week: Time Travel

Think of an old movie. The kind with guys and dames and trains, maybe a musical number or something. Imagine Fred Astaire and Royal Wedding. Are you thinking? Do you have that Some Like It Hot feeling? That is the feeling I get every time I look at this case we got in.
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The empty bottles for shampoo and perfume (or cologne, since it’s technically the masculine version of this case), the adorable mirror and comb, the brushes- it all just screams vintage travel. If you had one would you be Marilyn playing ukulele on a train? Would you be the “kid” at the end of “Here’s lookin’ at you, kid”? Would you be Fred Astaire dancing with a coat rack on a boat? Where would you be going with one of these?
One of the other magnificent and yet simple travel items that we got in are these wonderful vintage suitcases. These are so classy and elegant, they just beg to go on one more adventure. When I see them, I think of a scene in Rear Window when Grace Kelly just packs everything in her little case so neatly. I imagine a weekend away where I could just throw a few things in my adorable vintage case and go! 
Link to Large Suitcase

Link to Small Suitcase
A little less practical for everyday use, but still just as romantic are the plethora of vintage trunks that we got in. There are two specifically that still have the drawers and hangers in. They would be amazing for storage, but would also be amazing for displaying jewelry or cleverly hiding your shoe collection. We even have a small red trunk so your dolls can travel in style, too.
Link to Trunk

Link to Doll Trunk
Link to More Trunks on Our Website!
Trunks, Trunks, & More Trunks!
Where ever you might travel this spring or summer, which ever old Hollywood guy or doll is in your daydream waiting for you, do me one favor- travel in style. Vintage Style.  

 ~Meghan for Phantastic Phinds


  1. I have such a soft spot for vintage suitcases. They are solidly made and perfect for storing stuffs. Great trunks here too!


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