Phinding Out New Things: Infant of Prague

Sometimes the store receives interesting religious statuettes. Recently we had a gorgeous resin angel, and now we have this religious child statue. One Saturday a gentleman came in and walked right up to the counter and said, "You know what that is, right?" We apparently did not as we had it labeled "Small Religious Statue". He informed us that this was a statue of the Infant of Prague and told us to look it up.

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So we did! And here is what we found out...

The Infant of Prague is a carving of the child Jesus. There is a lot of legend surrounding the original (which this is NOT) that even includes a story about a princess receiving the original from St Teresa of Avila as a wedding gift. The original statue is said to have mystical powers, especially bringing good fortune to expectant mothers. Sometimes people will put an Infant of Prague statue outside of their house the night before their wedding to insure good weather on their wedding day. 

It is so amazing what we learn just by our customers seeing the things that come into the shop! If you'd like to find out more about the Infant of Prague, here is the wikipedia page : Link.


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