Howard's Leather Cleaner: Before & After

The Howard brand Leather Conditioner is a product that we carry in the store but haven't had a chance to try out until recently. The other Howard's products we've all tested and loved, but since this was a newer item we were carrying there just wasn't an opportunity until now.

The shop got in several leather bar stools a few days ago that were in great condition but needed a little polishing up, so Angela suggested we try the Howard Leather Conditioner. The instructions on the back say to buff it on with a cloth, let it soak into the leather, and then wipe with a different cloth (I joked "Wax on, Wax off"). So I took some rags made from old tee shirts and followed the instructed. I squirted some of the conditioner onto a rag, rubbed it into the leather and moved on to the next chair. Once all were finished, which gave the first few a chance to really soak it up, I went back with a second cloth and rubbed the excess cleaner off. It was an amazing difference! The leather was a little shinier and definitely softer.

The best part to me was the smell. It didn't smell like a chemical, like some cleaners can. It had a nice almost orange oil smell to it, so you could easily use it in your house or vehicle without worrying about fumes.



~ Meghan for Phantastic Phinds


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