Chalkboard Paint + Silverplate Tray = Easy DIY Project

Here is a quick and easy DIY project you can do in about 20 minutes. Turn a silverplate tray into a fun chalkboard with just a few simple steps.

Find a silverplate tray with a smooth middle, this one has a little etched emblem in the center, but it is so shallow that the primer should fill it in.
I usually like my silverplate nice and tarnished but for this project I cleaned the edges with Simichrome (great stuff)
What a difference
Add primer to the center only, don't worry about being neat, the simichrome makes a nice polished finish that makes paint easy to wipe off.
I added a little extra primer to the middle to make sure the etched emblem was covered
Use the rough side of an old sponge to lightly "sand" the primer once it is dry. Using sand paper or steel wool will strip the primer off the tray because the tray is not a porous material, old scrubby sponges work great!
Paint the inside of the tray with chalkboard paint. It is best with multiple layers, so do one, let it dry, and repeat for at least 3 coats.
The finished product.
I recommend "Liquid Chalk" instead of tradition chalk because it is SO easy to use
I displayed mine with a plate stand but you can also add a picture hook to the back with gorilla glue and hang it on the wall or with ribbon.

Have fun & don't forget to send us pictures of YOUR chalkboard tray, we will happily post them here & on the website!

~Angela for Phantastic Phinds
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  1. Thank you for the tips, I am going to prime my next chalkboard paint project, and I also like the liquid chalk, which I did not know about. Thank you so much, love your blog. Anne

    1. Thanks Anne! The liquid chalk is great, but some of the colors can stain the chalk board paint if left on too long so just be aware of that. I usually end up putting a fresh coat of chalk board paint on my more "used" boards due to chalk build up, staining, etc. Glad you enjoyed it, good luck with your project! ~Angela


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