Rule the World One Globe at a Time

Vintage world globes, yeah like the kind from grade school, are becoming a very popular collectors item. Check out the displays below... if your feeling inspired we have 3 currently in the store for sale. They won't last long so come by and check them out.

Various sized globes grouped together on a vintage locker. 

A large selection of globes, don't you just love the vintage colors!

 Sometimes these old beauties take some abuse from years of spinning, so if you find one with some damage don't distress - get creative like the half globe light covers here. 

 Even just one floor standing globe can add some great retro vintage charm to any room.

Even a single globe just adds an element of interest to a desk or side table. 

 I love this bookend idea, they don't even have to match! 

Below are the three we have in the store right now, click on the images to go directly to the globes' sale pages (the first one is MY favorite). If my husband was on board, I would have a new collection, starting with these, but sometimes its better to let things find a new home & inspire others.



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