Don’t Trash It… Reupholster It!

What to do about the couch… Did you change the color scheme in your living room and it doesn’t match? Did the kids make a mess and ruin the fabric? Does it just need updating?

Not to worry! You don’t need to get rid of it. You can always reupholster it. If you have some sewing experience and a little time, you can definitely update your couch for whatever the reason!

How to Reupholster a Couch:

- Measure the couch from all angles and take note of the dimensions. You can then purchase new fabric for the couch that will match your new design. Make sure that you pick a fabric strong enough to sustain daily wear and tear.

- Remove the old fabric from the couch. Make sure all of the padding, springs, and frame are still in good shape. If not, replace the padding where it is needed with synthetic padding and tighten the springs.

- Lay the new fabric you purchased on the floor and use a colored pencil to trace the cushions. Measure the length and width of the cushions and be sure to leave 1 extra inch before cutting the fabric.

- Measure all sides of the couch again and then cut out the fabric in accordance with the dimensions obtained. Cut the fabric for the cushions as well.

- Using a staple gun, attach the fabric to the frame of the couch. Try to secure the fabric in the same way as the previous fabric was secured on the frame. Stretch the fabric enough to get out any wrinkles, but not too tight or the fabric will tear. Staple it into the padding. Repeat until the whole couch is covered.

- Use a sewing machine to sew together slipcovers with the pieces of fabric that you cut out for the cushions. Make sure the slipcovers neatly fit the cushions. You can use a zipper in the backside of the cushion, so that it can easily removed for quick cleaning.

- Iron the fabric before reupholstering the couch

- Label the pieces that you cut so that you don’t get confused when you have a pile of cut pieces.

- If the project seems too large or the furniture is an antique that could not be replaced, consult a professional before you begin.


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