Summer Projects... Chalkboard Paint & A Little Elbow Grease

As most of you who have been in the store know, we love giving suggestions for re-purposing & re-creating items with everyday things.

One of our favorite suggestions in the store is "paint it"! With the busy summer months ahead, you may not find the time to paint an entire piece of furniture so we have a few fun ideas that can be accomplished in a couple hours (drive time to the paint store included)!

A great idea for old tarnished silverplate trays, crazed porcelain platters, nicked & chipped ironstone is .... (drum roll) chalkboard paint.

1. Find a tarnished silverplate tray

2. If you don't have a steady hand - Tape off the perimeter with blue painters tape - anywhere you don't want to get paint

3. Paint with a couple coats of chalkboard paint

4. VIOLA - you are done

5. For added use, drill holes in the rim and hang with a ribbon like the one shown here at Clover Market in Ardmore, PA.

Another great chalkboard paint idea is to paint the inside of a porcelain platter like the one shown on

1. Clean the platter really well

2. You may want to prime the inside of the platter depending on how bad the crazing is

3. Again, use painters tape if you think you will need it but if the platter has an inset - try to use that as your guide

4. Paint with 2 coats of chalkboard paint

5. Hang on the wall as a message board, use for serving & label each item on the platter so your guest know what is what (great for a keeping a cheese plate organized).

We hope you have fun with this little idea, stop by the store or check the website for some inspiration in getting your projects started!

Happy Painting


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