Spray Painting

Spray painting is one of the easiest ways to change the look of almost any item. Some of my favorite things to spray paint are outdoor items. After years of sun, rain and snow many things start to look worn and run down. You can easily make them sparkle again with a $4 can of spray paint. I have been able to make tables and chairs that have looked like they were ready for the curb, look like they were just delivered from the store. Plastic chairs that come in the drab forest green or standard white can be jazzed up with some spray paint in red, blue, silver or any color you can imagine. The paint on wicker furniture can start to chip off as they become broken in. Nothing a can of spray paint can’t handle! Lanterns, candle holders, pots, and planters can be made new again. It is great outside and can be just as great inside. When redoing a room, you can change some of the items you already own to match new décor without spending hundreds of dollars on replacing it. Mirror and picture frames can be spray painted solid or even with an antique finish. Light fixtures and doorknobs can look amazing when spray painted black or brushed nickel to update them from the original brass finish. New doorknobs can cost up to $75, but spray painting could cost only $4! Spray paint has really come a long way over the years and can be used on almost all surfaces. They even have some that can be used on upholstery! There are so many uses for spray paint and it can really save you money. With a little painters tape, mask, goggles and gloves you can use spray paint to color your world!

Statue AfterStatue Before
Mirror After
Mirror Before
Lamp Before

Lamp AfterHamper Before
Hamper After
Chair After
Chair Before


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