It's Yard Sale Season!

Yard sale season is in full swing and no one knows better than Angela Sipe, owner of Phantastic Phinds in Erdenheim, about the great items you can find on your Sunday morning shopping adventures. Phantastic Phinds is a very cute and very affordable consignment shop that people all around are raving about. Angela has built her business on spotting incredible items that are perfect as is or even changed for a new use. She unquestionably has some amazing ideas on how to use items that you can find at your neighborhood garage sale. “Miss matched silverware is a great thing to collect because it can be repurposed in so many ways. You can bend them and attach to a board to make a trendy new coat rack or attach tags and use them in the garden as plant markers,” suggests Angela. “Mason jars have so many uses from adding sand and candles for a decorative touch to putting fruity drinks and little umbrella in them on a summer day while relaxing in the sun. Adding a candle inside and wire to hang it makes it the perfect outdoor light when hung from a tree,” added Angela. Artwork can usually be found at any yard sale, but the picture or painting might be very outdated or even destroyed. Angela says, “Don’t necessarily look at the picture, but check out the frame. It can sometimes be worth more than the actual art. If needed, it can be spray-painted or refinished for reuse or added to a mirror to give a new look. Sliver trays that are painted in the center with chalk paint and hung on the wall, making a trendy place to leave your family a message,” said Angela. The ideas Angela has are amazing and seemingly endless. The most important part is to have fun, save money and don’t forget your sunglasses and sun block!

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