Entertaining Idea

We get so many dishes here at Phantastic Phinds and most of the time they are only parts of the whole set. I remembered seeing this serving piece from Anthropologie that I've always admired, I just never liked the price tag at $158.00! I like it because it easily fits into a modern space if you choose monochromatic colors or it can be eclectic and fun if you prefer mismatched pieces.

There are some really phantastic materials at Phantastic Phinds that can be repurposed for this project. This set from Ralph Lauren for example would be a more sophisticated approach to the project. Mix in some Bavarian Blue Christina Dessert Dishes for a more fun, yet tradational look. Our inventory changes so often you could definitely find something that fits your decor and entertaining style.

This project requires only a few supplies: The dishes, including plates, saucers, teacups, bowls, and any other small decorative objects you may want to add, and epoxy that you can find at a home improvement store or craft store. You'll also need a popsickle stick or something else to apply the epoxy, and some heavy duty tape to secure the pieces until they dry.

You should first clean and dry all the pieces you intend to use. Then you need to do a "dry fit". Stack everything just as you want it and make sure it's sturdy before being glued. Mix up the epoxy and apply as you stack. For a multi-tiered piece you may want to do it in steps. Apply tape to temporarily secure until glue dries.

We hope this inspires a holiday project! Have fun!

By: Megan Mellor
Picture: www.anthropologie.com


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