Phantastic Wallpaper Rehab Idea

What do you do when you love a piece, wood tone and all, but it still needs an update?

Sure, you could use paint but have you tried wallpaper? There are lots of ways you can get creative with this age-old tradition. Wallpaper has made a comeback and many manufacturers are releasing modern and contemporary prints that will please even the toughest critic.

We have a PHANTASTIC 2pc Bassett Mid-Century walnut hutch,
#1-348, which is perfectly suited for this application. A graphic print like this one from long-time favorite Graham and Brown is the perfect backdrop for a collection of monochromatic pottery.

Picture Coming Soon BOHEME Wallpaper Print

Not quite your style? Chose a more glamorous pattern like Darcy. The soft and shimmery curves will undoubtedly contrast the clean lines of a Mid-Century piece and give it a more formal feel.


Still unsure? Don't want to make the commitment? Here’s an idea for commitment-phobes like us. Measure the back portions of the piece you are working on and then visit your local hardware store and ask them to cut down a piece of luan plywood to your dimensions, or you can do it yourself if you own a circular saw. Attach the wallpaper to the luan sheets as described by the manufacturer and let dry. Fasten the wallpapered luan sheet to the vertical service with the help of 3M’s ingenious removable picture hanging strips. After you tire of your current design stunner you can switch out the panels and try something new.

Have fun!


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