Phantastic Before and After

The best part of an After picture is the Before picture.

Showing an after picture of a rehabbed item is an exciting thing, don't get us wrong, but if you include the before picture then you'll really get the oohs and aahs.

There's nothing we enjoy more than seeing a phantastic piece gain new life but we would love to see what our clever customers conjure up when they let their creative juices flow.
Here's an example of how one customer transformed a table and chairs set from scuffed up and out-dated to contemporary and custom.

Before and after pictures inspire the rest of us to think outside of the box. They spark the artist in each of us to produce something beautiful so send us the Before and After pictures of your Phantastic Phind and we will post them as inspiration for everyone!

By: Megan Mellor for Phantastic Phinds


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