Paint by Numbers! A Phantastic Idea We Hope You'll Try

We love this look and especially this piece from Knack Studios. The numbers add a whimsical and unexpected touch. With the color palette shown at Knack, this piece evokes a nautical feeling for us but in a different palette it could work anywhere from a child's room to formal rooms. We would love to see this in black and cream for a high contrast yet elegant look. The number could be completely random or something meaningful like an anniversary or birthday.

There are definitely some phantastic pieces in stock that could benefit from this whimsical treatment like this Set/3 Laminate Nesting Tables. If you have a date in mind you could do one table as the month, one as the day, and one as the year. Try varying the size and font of the numbers or arrange them in different directions. Use a stencil for a structured look or free-hand the numbers for a casual appearance; the possibilities are really endless.
We hope you find some inspiration in numbers! Sometimes it's a simple idea that translates into something beautiful.

Have fun!

By: Megan Mellor for Phantastic Phinds
Picture courtesy of Knack Studios


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