7 Quick Tips for a Clutter Free Holiday

We have been busy collecting lots of items for the new
store. Our storage locations are bursting at the seams with our new customers items... and we are very excited to share all of our Phinds with you in January.

In the meantime, we wanted to share
7 quick tips for getting your house "Clutter Free" for the holidays!
1. Cabinets - Go through all you kitchen cupboards, you will be amazed at what you find. We suggest emptying them all at once and putting things into groups. I.E. All the wooden spoons together, all the mixing bowls together, pots and pan, etc. Get rid of anything that has missing parts, is broken, expired, hasn't been used in 2 years, or you have more of then need or use. Call Phantastic Phinds with extra dishes, pyrex, glassware, and all your vintage kitchenware... your unwanted goods could prove to make you a nice return.
2. Bedroom Closets - The saying goes - If you haven't worn it in a year, get rid of it. Well I say, two years! You may have items you only wear on special occasion so give yourself some slack but BE HONEST! There is no reason to hold onto something you won't wear. You will be amazed at the amount of clothes you get rid of and how many you still have when you are done! Sorry, Phantastic Phinds does not c take clothes. Try Green Street Consignment in Bryn Mawr & Center City or Plato's Closet in Berwyn with your name brand goodies.
3. Bookcases - Books tend to accumulate and cause visual clutter. Take a few minutes to flip through the bookshelf and take out all those titles that are uninteresting, you'll never read again, or you just don't want around. This goes for magazines and newspapers too, these can go straight into the recycling bin or you can contact your local senior center to see if they would want your magazines. Box the books up and take them straight to Phantasic Phinds. Any unsellable books will be donated in your name to the local library.
4. Bathroom - We know how cluttered and overflowing those vanities and medicine chests can get. Go through all those bottles and containers and if it has hardened, softened or changed color, get rid of it! Don't flush medication down the toilet or sink, just open the container and dump them into the trash or contact your local physician about proper disposal.

5. Linen Closet - Towels, sheets, curtains, etc, are also things that need to be periodically sorted and tossed. Remove all the semi-worn items and take them to your local SPCA. Montgomery County's SPCA is located on Ridge Pike & Butler Ave. across from Panera Bread. The SPCA will happily take your tattered linens, towels, and blankets for the animals they care for. Just throw them in a bag or two and put them in your car. Next time you are in the area just swing by your local SPCA- no need to make a special trip.

6. Basements & Garages: You have been holding off for too long! It is time to clean out your basements and garages. Don't start in the middle... pick a spot where you will have room to organize and dig in. Arm yourself with trash bags, rubber gloves, and boxes. Mark your boxes to make sorting easier; family members names who will receive the items, specific rooms where the items are going , or donation places. However you need to do it is fine, just make sure it makes sense to you. If you have furniture in the mix, make sure all the pieces are there, that it is not moldy or broken and call Phantastic Phinds - we love giving new life to forgotten items :)
7. Throw Out the Old - One thing you must absolutely remember when decluttering is you have to REMOVE the UNUSED or UNWANTED items. DO NOT just take everything out and rearrange, this is a temporary solution and you will find yourself right back in the midst of clutter before you know it.

Remember: Do what you can. Pick one room that had been on your mind or in need of decluttering and get started. Try to set aside the proper amount of time so that you can tackle the whole room before you have to call it quits. You have to make a mess to make it organized, so be prepared!


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