Antique vs. Vintage

Ever wonder what ANTIQUE or VINTAGE actually mean? People ask me this all the time so I decided to share my definition.

Keep in mind that these terms are subjective but for most dealers the difference between antique and vintage is simply this; anything 100 yrs or older is an antique and anything 50-99 yrs old is vintage.

So to break it down further, items made prior to 1909 are antique, while anything made between 1910-1959 are vintage. Items made from 1960-1979 are usually called retro. Now you may ask, does that mean 1980 on is modern? Unfortunately until 2013 that is true! In 2013 everything moves up a decade... so modern would start in 1989. (See examples of chairs below)

Happy Phantastic Phinding!!!

Antique Painted Rocker
Vintage Pained Child's Chair
Retro Arm Chair
Modern Leather Chair


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